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  1. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Friend in Canada asked me to pass on. It's it's controversial , long and very thought provoking. Especially for those who believe in hatcheries. Hope the link works. Full Film: Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon - YouTube
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    A wee thing I came up with at 3am. Got a hold of a lovely hot pink pheasant skin, which the dog subsequently ate. I love the brass Eumer cones, they really push back the water and fluff up the materials. I'm a big fan of marabou on coneheads, works well with stiffer materials. I'll get some...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    I hope this link works, utterly heartbreaking, what have we done? Page not found | Facebook if not, which suspect may be the case, checkout this guy's FB page. Aleš Richter soft chair, big glass tiem again I'm afraid
  4. General Board
    I always use a rapala knot for my salmon flies,I like the freedom it gives your fly to move enticingly in the current.i also feel it improves my catches. Just my humble opinion but it works for me. Who else uses. Rapala knot for their flies ? And your opinions
  5. Spinning
    Anyone making their own spinners? Bascially im wanting silimar to the mepps fire tiger blades but cant seem to find, does anyone know where's best to get the or do you paint your own? What works best
  6. Northern European Style Patterns
    I know I'm probably boring you now, but here's a hook version of my Willie Zonka. I've trimmed the strip so it's half the width. Going smaller I don't get the amount of barring from the barred zonker- but it still works. Needs a lick of Sally HAN and after that it's ready to rock. Tight lines.
  7. Fishing Videos
    Tried hitching for the first time this year in Scotland, really enjoyed the visual aspect of it and decided to try it at home in Ireland.. and it works here too! ??
  8. Vintage Tackle Discussion
    Just thought l would share this lovely old footage. hope the link works Watch To Cane a Trout online - BFI Player
  9. Classified Sales
    Few surface chips but works perfectly. Pm your email for pics. Thanks
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Evening Admin. Whilst I applaud the new range of emoticons, is there anyway you could sort them in order of the most popular. Having to click on box and spend ages scrolling though to find something as basic as 'cool' or 'tongue in cheek' seems to have negated your good works. Yet again an...
  11. General Board
    Looking on E Bay I see that some items incur the import tax at the point of sale? Is this how it works now? Before I paid import tax once it had been shipped then billed by Parcel Force?
  12. English Rivers
    Full text of "The Salmon and Sea Trout Rivers of England and Wales" I have put this link in.The copyright of this book has run out according to Google.
  13. General Board
    :p Hope the link works, is anyone else enjoying the rainfall? St Northern rivers fishing update
  14. Classified Sales
    See the pic look all to be floaters one well used with teeth marks so it works rest are pretty much untouched. What you see is what you get. £25 posted
  15. Spinning
    Just wondering What rapalas people like using and it what sort of waters I feel like I should something.otjer than a hot tiger just seeing what works for other peoole.
1-15 of 15 Results