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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Found some BUG-BOND in a drawer, think I must have bought this when it first came out, never opened it till today, still seems to work. What resins are recommended these days ? Search for uv resin brings up loads for crafting and nails are these any good ?
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    Enjoying tying a fly for the TOTM, today after work I made 2 more, haven't even had a dinner yet :lol:
  3. Rod Building
    I've been busy building another rod during lockdown. This time its for me :D Its 14ft so i could afford to put a heavier handle on it. I wanted a dark finish apart from the thread work. So ive went for all burnt cork on both handles using blue rubberised cork for the butt and top/bottom of...
  4. General Board
    Just finished reading Terminal Chancer. Very good, definitely recommend it. Obviously without putting your jobs or relationships at risk, post your best Salmon Weasel stories here. If you want to know what a Salmon Weasel story is, buy the aforementioned book:-) Story 1. River was absolutely...
  5. Feather Wing Patterns
    After seeing the beautiful built winged patterns on the classic section, I thought I'd try a couple of mallard wings again. I really do struggle with mallard and I can assure you all that there was a lot of Mallard wasted in creating these two small flies. I tried two different slips from...
  6. General Board
    Hi - It might be obvious but I'm needing a second spool for Lamson Konic 4 - but cant locate one. Anyone know is spools from other model Lamsons will work ?
  7. Video Gallery
    Stumbled across in an idle moment, really must get back to work now ..... Fishing The BEST Trout water I have ever seen! - YouTube
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    I'm still at work(a part of the food chain!), all I do most of my day is wash and sterilise my hands at the slightest deviation from actually working.Now this is all highly embarrassing, but its wrecking my hands!.I'm a roughty toughty bloke, used to getting, mucky, filthy, oily, greasy, inky...
  9. Classified Wanted
    Open to see what anyone has possibly a Snowbee Nano Geo or Diamond rod. Not looking at spending fortunes as will possibly be a spare rod but due to changes at work I need a rod that will go out of sight in the boot and currently my rods are too long as mostly 3 piece. Thanks
  10. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Was sitting at the vice and tied this up just keeping it simple , doesn't suit bit of JC as I tried some on it and my head kept telling me No No No , might work in ,might not
  11. General Board
    Hi folks, anyone use this rod? Am looking for advice on Scandi line weight. Hardy state 35g/540 grain. Does that work well or would I be better with a slightly heavier line? Thanks.
  12. Shakespeare
    I posted in the thread about this rod but thought it might not get seen. Does anybody know which Airflo Rage Compact would work on this rod. Floating all touch and go casting. Thinking a 510 but not sure. Thanks for any help, Leo.
  13. English Rivers
    With a delay of a month before you can submit your dates for fishing the pool. Has anyone been there to see if any maintenance work has started? Sewinfly. .........
  14. Patterns for other species
    A few more Craigs Killers for heavy point "nymphs" Messing around with some UV resin, might work, might not:lol:
  15. General Board
    Looking to book a weeks salmon fishing , a day here a day there so to speak on the above rivers, My brother in law has moved to just north of Huntly, so I had better go visit him and take my gear . I am looking for some advice as to best month march/april and what members might suggest with...
  16. Spare Rod/Member Meet-Ups/Fishing Days/Trips
    I have a rod free for Tuesday 24/09/2019,( Anderson’s ) my m8 has had to cancel due to work commitments, if you are interested please give me a msg. Thanks Ian
  17. Northern European Style Patterns
    Hi All, I suppose this is a reflection of the time of year - Here's a Calvin sunray - tail moved to be wing and long. Who knows if it'll work - but I'll give it a shot. Tight Lines, Patrick
  18. Rookies Corner
    hi all,,any help would be great, new to salmon fishing to be honest,, usualy i fish stocked lakes for rainbow trout but next year i am going to start fishing the river finn and faughan for looking for a switch rod that works for both,, i now use a greys 10ft gr70 #8wt fly rod i have...
  19. Greys
    Are the greys gr60 switch rods trout or salmon rated? Would also welcome line suggestions that work particularly well on this rod. Thanks
  20. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied these today after work to try them on next Saturday. Hooks #4.
1-20 of 74 Results