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  1. North American Fly Patterns
    Here is pattern #6 for my MSA "desert island" auction fly box. This legendary fly goes back decades and has proven to be a killer in many rivers around the world and is effective in different water conditions and from the beginning of the season through to the end. The butt colour is...
  2. Grayling Fishing
    Finally finished my worm/grub pattern box off with some more "keeping it simple" wool bodied patterns. Just need the get them on some test flights..:D Cheers Clydebuilt
  3. Step by Step
    First Step By Step for 10 years so go easy. Abuse is readily accepted but will be volleyed back with vitriolic Glaswegian swearies. Materials Experiment with these, change whatever you like. The Longtail is ore of a "style" than a pattern. Ive changed the colours slightly form the original...
  4. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Placed the horns over the jay collar as an experiment - makes them stick out much more like 'feelers'. This is certainly something that was done around this period - with some tying the horns on after the wool head. Fiddly at this smaller of the two specified sizes - put on a proper wrapped...
  5. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Fom a pic I got off Swiss - tied it pretty close to the original. The long butt is on e the original - wish I'd done as wrapped wool rather than dubbed now. Sure I've come across this pattern somewhere before. Dx
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Some of you may know (or know of) a village called Wool in Dorset. PETA have written to the parish council to request that they change the name to Vegan Wool as the name Wool promotes cruelty to sheep ("sheep's wool has been shown to be a product of extreme cruelty"). (The village is actually...
  7. Patterns for other species
    Had a bash at some very simple but effective Killer Bug variants on Kamasan B110 grub hooks in 10, 12 & 14 Only materials being wool & wire. That's it. First lot: Red 0.2mm wire Berroco Ultra Alpaca wool in "Steel Cut Oats" This was recommended as a very close copy to the original 477. I...
  8. Rookies Corner
    I went to try my rod and line today, I used a piece of wool instead of a fly but found it just skipped up the water, when I slowed it down it improved but I could still see the wool moving back on the forward stroke, I stopped and changed the wool to aprox 2" of pipe cleaner that was a lot...
  9. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my SIMMS Half Finger Wool Gloves Size (Small/Medium) which are Brand New. Simms wool half finger glove is an old favorite updated for long-term performance. Wool keeps your hands warm even when wet. Features: 100% wool 1/2 finger cut Palm features grip design 100% wool Now...
1-9 of 9 Results