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  1. General Board
    I have been looking at this with the view to taking the plunge next year.It seems a great idea and was wondering if anyone took advantage last year and how they got on and where they fished.
  2. General Board
    I hooked and landed a spanking clean run grilse on the last day of October which I put back , I was wondering how long in the river it would take for it to be in spawning condition ?
  3. The Art of Casting
    Obviously a shorter rod is better for smaller rivers (as I have found with my recent purchase), but I an wondering if their use on larger rivers is just a fad? I have been using a new short rod on the main Tyne this week, with the fish (as usual) on the far bank of the best pool. I expected...
  4. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Quite a few years ago, I fished on this little river, it was near Frosses, just wondering if it is worth giving it a go nowadays.
  5. General Board
    Anyone got any experience of replacing the felt soles on Simms G3 wading boots. I have successfully replaced soles on other boots, but they were fairly flat and simple. G3's are quite shaped and curve up at the toes. I was wondering if this causes any problems and if anyone has any tips to...
  6. Rookies Corner
    I've only recently gotten into fishing and picked up some Vision 110s. The rive that I fish only allows one treble hook. I've set them up with a two split rings and a swivel. I'm wondering though, which knot is easiest to use when tying on the nylon? I'm finding it tricky to get it tied up.
  7. General Board
    Noticed in todays Herald that the people in charge of keeping an eye on the stocks of parr/smolts are asking people to pay £100 to have a smolt named after them and kept informed of its progress. Just wondering if you get a refund when it is a goosanders nibble. Bob.
  8. General Board
    I've bought many things from the classifieds section over the last few years and I am well aware that trust plays a major part in these transactions but almost 3 weeks ago I agreed a price on an item with the seller and paid by bank transfer as the seller allegedly did not have PayPal. The item...
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    Been a while since I either dressed or fished with tubes , and I’m all out of extension tubing . I’m wondering what you lads are using these days ? Clear and coloured.
  10. General Board
    Does anyone use Pacific West Coast type large intruders ( tube & single hook) for Atlantic Salmon? They are smaller than a rapala and not too bulky to cast. I have a bunch left over from a trip to the Skeena and was wondering if I might give them a swim in the Gaula this Mid June - assuming...
  11. Hardy
    Just bought the above mentioned rod & was wondering what line/s people are using on it? Cheers
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    I was watching a few tying videos yesterday and in one of them a ‘new’ style tube with plastic wings either side, to help keep them on the surface, was being trialled. At first I thought it was a bit of a gimmick but then I got to wondering if it would allow a double or single hook to be...
  13. Reels
    I recently treated myself to the H5D 9thirteen The drag comes set at 5 as standard, I specified on ordering that I would be using it for salmon fishing in Scotland & to set the drag accordingly but it still feels set too tight. Just wondering what everyone has their drags set at & how...
  14. Hardy
    Hi , anyone have/using this rod , just wondering what line you are using , cheers.
  15. General Board
    Just wondering how accurate this info is, I know of salmon entering a river in the spring returning to sea and re-entering the river in the autumn, also what happens to sea trout running in and out on the tides, any other knowledge would be welcome.
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Anyone any details on the dressing of a chocolate drop trout fly, a Dennis Moss pattern? Just seen a few photographs, wondering about construction and materials used.
  17. General Board
    Been out today with my new 13 foot set up (greys gr50 8/9 and an airflo rage 8/9 580g). For some reason I’m struggling to put out a good line and everything seems a bit heavy and clumsy. Could possibly be my casting and getting used to a new rod/line, just wondering if anyone else has this set...
  18. General Board
    Has anyone had any experience with this rod? Fancy changing my Vision Catapult 14ft and wondering how these compare, any info / feedback would be appreciated.
  19. Trout Fishing
    Hi everyone, just looking for some advice. I am thinking about camping in the Assynt area for a few days perhaps end of this month or into July. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on lochs to fish. I like the idea of fishing really remote so hoping there wouldn't be a problem getting a...
  20. General Board
    Anyone had problems logging on. Been getting data error msgs since last night, all seems ok now, just wondering if it was only me. Thanks Ian
1-20 of 41 Results