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  1. Feather Wing Patterns
    A few perennial favourites, T&L, Dunkeld, Kingfisher Butcher and a copper March Brown. Tied on B175 in #10,12 and 14, with a couple of #14 Magnis thrown in for good measure. None of these are a patch on the wonderful flies tied by Hollywood in his long running thread.
  2. Fishing Videos
    Fly Fishing Film Tour Short John Gierach - YouTube John Gierach, a wonderful writer, love to meet him for a pint.
  3. Scottish Rivers
    This year I finally intend to fish NW Scotland above Fort William ,touring and fishing as I go.So..can anyone suggest rivers or lochs where I might cast a line with the chance of a salmon ..with availability possible ? I have fished in this wonderful country many times,but never in the...
  4. Methods and Tactics
    A day with this top salmon angler - wonderful. I'll watch it again (and again I suspect). H Vision Fly Fishing Videos (click on Big Salmon in Norway)
  5. Picture Gallery
    I see Mullock's Auctioneers have a lovely collection of 47 Megan Boyd tied flies for sale. With a Guide price of 10-12K , they won't be gracing my fly box but they really are wonderful looking creations Pics from the Mullocks's website:
  6. English Rivers
    Much interest in this once wonderful river this season ?
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    I am amazed(;)) that none of our Yorkshire members (Simon, Tyke etc etc), have not posted a thread about Joe Root, England cricket captain and his exploits yesterday at Lords!! Not only has he got England out of trouble (they were 84-4), in the first test v South Africa with his wonderful 184...
  8. General Board
    When did I last look at the April '83 edition probably April '83. So before my next visit to the local "re-cycling centre" if anyone would like to collect most or all of these wonderful but free magazines (dates as above) please let me know. If by PM I will understand !! Located about 8 miles...
1-8 of 8 Results