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  1. General Board
    Hi, I have unfortunately just broken a section of my favourite salmon fly rod. Just wondered if anyone has any spares or one of these rods for sale?
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I recently heard about a beat on the River Suir, which has the fishing organised/run by a Frenchman - cant be too many beats like that. I just wondered which beat it is ? Thanks
  3. Spey Lines
    Recently had a play with one of these, excellent rod crisper that the 6 piece. Put a 54ft 10/11 equalizer through it and is brilliant with or without a tip. Wondered if anyone has tried the 63ft Equalizer and if so what weight tried 10/11 to heavy but wondered if 9/10 or 8/9? Would be interested.
  4. Salt Water Fishing
    My friend has a cottage on Bute so myself & a few of the lads are heading over the 1st weekend in June. We’re looking at doing a 4hr charter, none of the guys are fishers apart from myself but they would like a wee shot on a boat bringing in a few fish, nothing serious Just wondered if anyone...
  5. Classified Wanted
    Wondered if anyone might have a Guideline Exceed 12ft 9in 8/9wt which they may want to sell? Many thanks
  6. Hunting & Shooting
    In the market for something new, something that suits stood on peg with large pockets, but has the durability to be used waterproof and on walked up mini driven days also. Looking at the Mustos, barbour bransdale types etc... Just wondered if anyone had any other similar types they may...
  7. Reels
    Anybody got any thoughts on these reels? Need one for an 8# rod and wondered what they were like. Thanks. Fairhope
  8. Trout Fishing
    I'll be down in Bradford Monday till Friday next week for my new job induction and wondered if any members could recommend somewhere for a few hours in the evening? Thanks, Hoolet.
  9. Rookies Corner
    Hi all Just wondered what your thoughts are on the best location for me to catch my first salmon I am currently spinning on the free stretches on the Yorkshire Esk but have had no joy as yet that said it is still early days I have seen Naburn lock mention a few times and just wondered would I...
  10. Spinning
    Newbie here, but wondered if expensive mono is necessary or will cheaper mono suffice?
  11. General Board
    Has anyone tried the sunglasses sold by Opticaid UK (angling eyes) with the magnifying section. As I change glasses when I tie on a different fly it's a pain and my eyesight isn't getting any better. Just wondered if there is any mileage in them as they are 2 for the price of one.
  12. Others
    Hi Guys - looking for a new single-handed rod for this yr. something 10' 7wt. Seem to have gotten a liking for the salmologic ones and wondered anyone with experience/recommendations? Alternative was an LTS Across.
  13. General Board
    Mackenzie DTX competition shooting heads Hi,Anybody use one of these Shooting heads,i've just seen them for sale and wondered if anyone has used one and if they're any good?
  14. Methods and Tactics
    Could be a naive question but watched a keeper fishing for grayling with braid as a leader. Looked much more delicate and I wondered if it would work for salmon? Old hat I'm sure but interested in anyone's experience. Fairhope
  15. General Board
    Anyone used AR salmon reels out there? I'm thinking of getting an Abel AR, quite like the idea behind it but wondered what the reality of using them is like?????
  16. General Board
    Hi All. Just some advice please. I have a two piece G Loomis GLX antigravity 9ft for a 7 line fly rod. It has never been used, and wondered what I could expect to get for it on average. I've looked at ebay and some new ones are between £400 and £500. Mine has never had a line on it, and may sell...
  17. General Board
    Hi All. I wondered what people wear under breathable waders, particularly during warm conditions. I have a baseline top and leggings 'a la max wall' though wondered if joggers or mid weight fleece pants are the answer. I always wore moleskins, but the seams when folded over caused discomfort and...
1-17 of 17 Results