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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    The now obligatory trash talking (aka marketing) is over now, the fight itself soon to commence. I hope Fury wins but I have a feeling that Wilder will land one of his bombs before the last round and win by KO. I also wonder if Fury won't be quite as focussed or prepared after his wrestling...
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Apart from the Drowes which opens 1st January...what other rivers are open from the 1st and what comes next in terms of the Kerry trance from 17th January? Is the Liffey still open for the first day? Competition starts again 20th January and a nights B+B in Renvyle house hotel been added to...
  3. The Art of Casting
    Congratulations to Gerard Downey and Martin Kiely (Orca) on their recent success at Spey O Rama in San Francisco. Gerard's fifth win of the event confirming yet again his status as undisputed best of the best ever, and Martin's second win of the senior title, which is not too bad considering he...
  4. General Board
    As our long-term members and visitors will know, we like to check in now and then with our readers to ask some questions via a short survey format to see if we are heading in the right direction with our range of fishing websites and forums at Fish and Fly Ltd, or if there are other services we...
  5. Head Cam Videos
    Was a we bit windy again 239907726
  6. General Board
    praying for it to stop fishing booked on the back of the rain earlier this week now could be a wash out ..... cant win :rolleyes:
  7. Vendor Deals
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1-7 of 7 Results