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  1. Rod Building
    With thanks to Jack Power for highlighting the blank sale that led to this build. I've built on a 13'6" Meiser MKS 7/8 blank. It's my second rod build and it has been a wee bit rushed. If I'm honest I'm not 100% happy with every but if the rod, but there's no bubbles or dints in the finish...
  2. Classified Wanted
    Good Morning, I'm after a 4 piece Daiwa Whisker 10', preferably the one with the blue whippings. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks,
  3. General Board
    Hi, i have came into a quality greenheart trout rod- 9'#6 line. I plan to use it this year for dries and buzzers. My question is, which type of varnish is best for touching up the whippings ? Would a touch-up with " hard as nails" be ok or even " zap a gap" ??
  4. Classified Sales
    Brand new, built for me a few years ago by a friend from America. Really nice build quality with blue/red whippings. Comes with the ballistic rod tube 3 piece
1-4 of 4 Results