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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    My daughter and I have walked everyday and because the tide was right we have walked one of my favourite beaches. Looking west towards " Lade Foot " Looking over to "Big Picket" and "Little Picket" . Looking back to the east at "Jacobs Ladder." This used to be one of the best surf...
  2. General Board
    I love mull , used to go there with my mum and dad years ago when we were up in inveraray , so naturally I was interested in the salmon and sea trout fishing it had to offer , ive heard of loch ba and the forsa but was unaware it had been improving in "recent" years as the rest of the west...
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I started off trying to tie a hairwing Torrish that I remember my Dad using on the West Coast when the water was coloured. Ended up with this instead. #10 & 12 Ahrex doubles Yellow Squirrel wing with underfur from a Dyed Banana Spey cape.
  4. General Board
    I saw an advertisement on fishpal for West Grange on the river Ericht. Does anyone know if this is just the Grange of Aberbothrie rebranded?
  5. Scottish Rivers
    See they're planning a Hydro Scheme in the West Highlands. Think the River Etive was one mentioned. Oh well, that'll be a few rivers ruined then.
  6. General Board
    Hi All, Looking to go and chase some salmon this weekend over two days, I was thinking of going to the Taw or Torridge but haven’t been before and haven’t found a lot of detail on how the rivers are performing this year! Are there any West Country or Welsh rivers that anyone could recommend...
  7. Picture Gallery
    Yup....definitely silvery!:D (taken over the estuary looking west)
  8. General Board
    As well as having a statutory duty to maintain and improve fisheries the EA in England (and I believe the NRW in Wales) is supposed to deliver an environmental protection function that includes policing and protecting our rivers and water courses. The EA is supposed to oversee and monitor...
  9. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A few Easky Gold Shrimps tied for the North West Angling Fair
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello i would just like to introduce myself to the forums members. I have been salmon fishing for just over 25 years , as far a field as Norway.I mainly fish on the rivers in the central belt of scotland and on the west. I hope to have plenty to offer on here through experience, although...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Time was this was one of the really well known pools. I wonder if it still is? Fq
  12. General Board
    French salmon spawning some pictures from French salmon river in south west of France
  13. Picture Gallery
    An easy one to start with.
  14. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    Good day Now when 2017 salmon season is coming to and end here in Iceland, we have started to focus on next season. Fishing start at few salmon rivers in beginning of June each year, but most of them open late in June. This season was little bit above average here in Iceland, in general. The...
  15. Picture Gallery
    My brother lives on Vancouver Island,lucky sod , and recently spent 3 days over on the Wild West coast. I received some pictures today together with an invite. Colin
  16. General Board
    Interesting conversation on our shoot yesterday. One of our beaters who fishes a bit approached me and said,'Had my best days fishing ever last week, fifteen.'.......Me.....'Mackerel?'....'No escaped farmed salmon, 5lb to 9lb, Loch Ba, Isle of Mull.' It seems anyone capable of wielding a...
  17. General Board
    Yet another Salmon farming disaster! When will it end... as if the west coast gene pool isn't destroyed enough! ? More than 11,000 salmon escape fish farm on Isle of Mull
  18. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I was just flicking through peter o Reilly loughs of Ireland 1998 edition and reading through the west of Ireland section..which is packed with famous sea trout fisheries you never hear about any more....what is the state of these fisheries now....are any of them fishing well for sea trout and...
  19. General Board
    After messing about and casting two handed badly for several years,I'm now looking for some lessons.I live in west Wales, can any one recommend any courses,or instructors in my neck of the woods?
1-20 of 20 Results