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  1. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Cork Co Council signs contract for design work on collapsed Fermoy weir
  2. General Board
    I have just discovered that a planning application has been lodged with York city council for a hydro scheme at Naburn weir. A three screw installation is detailed in the request. This is the head of the tidal stretch and is a very sensitive location for both upstream and downstream migration of...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    I’m absolutely appalled and disgusted by the behaviour of both the Scottish and Welsh Rugby Unions, in not making a direct contribution to the Doddy Weir Foundation, from the gate receipts generated by the match this coming weekend. We are after all talking about several million pounds being...
  4. General Board
    Some members on here that talk about nowt but free fishing and fishing below "easy" Weirs or Barrages :bored:, seldom Hexham Weir and Wylam Weir, but constantly Durham Weirs, Tees Barrage , daily , all on Tyne, Wear Tees 2018 threads ,:tongue: It would be a good idea if you could you not...
  5. General Board
    I was in Galway the other week and in the very low water salmon had backed down in numbers from the weir to the weir bridge and below. I was surprised at the number of seals running on high tide up as far as the fish traps. I saw at least 4, one of them eating a fresh salmon it had just...
  6. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I am hearing their is a story in tomorrow's Galway paper The Connacht tribune saying the Galway weir may be leased to a uk based company Wonder will it happen
  7. General Board
    Well net marked as well! Irish Angling Update >> Young anglers enjoy the bounty of Galway's salmon run
1-7 of 7 Results