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  1. General Board
    Hi All. As above a detailed document of the consultation regarding netting, is now available to view on the website. Esk1.
  2. General Board
    Prices are heavily discounted by up to 70%
  3. General Board
  4. General Board
    New 2020 website up and running now, some exciting new products. salmologic - Because it makes sense
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Has Sean taken his website down? Just tried google and all I’m getting is some weird American site with advice on setting a spinnning rod up, is it just me?
  6. Scottish Rivers
    Has anyone ordered from Czech Nymphing | Nymphing | If so, was all OK.
  7. General Board
    Before Mr. Trump is going to buy Greenland I have decided to go astray for salmon and to fish there in 2020. I have booked an early week on the Kangia river. The descriptions on the website are all very good, but maybe somebody has been there and can give me some additional advise? Icelander05
  8. Classified Sales
    Small made orvis wading boots us11 If you are over an 8.5;in s shoe stop reading now. I have brand new orvis pro wading boots in a us 11 Which is a UK 10. They are too tight for me so looking for a new home. I'm in no hurry to sell so no haggling. These sell on the orvis website at £225 so...
  9. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Another fly from, great website :thumb:
  10. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Has anyone got a link to the 2018 salmon counter figures which are usually posted in March. I can't find them on the IFI website but I believe they are now available. Thanks.
  11. General Board
    Hi, Before I send an e mail, what's the usual delivery for materials from franc and snelda ? Have a slick website but I seemed to wait on delivery 2nd time using them.
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Does anyone happen to know why this website has gone down, by any chance, please?
  13. Lines
    Can’t find the link to the chart for older rods on the Rio website any longer. ‘Help please.
  14. General Board
    Is it me are all/most of their links to other pages of their website not working? Why get rid of the old site before the gremlins of the new site are not resolved?
  15. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    After tying the Ally's and Cascade using the ideas I'd discovered on Dai Jones' website, I though I'd have a go at a Ghillie.
  16. General Board
    Evening all. I'm looking to book up a week's fishing on Loch Ness. Today I've been told there's no fishing from a moving boat allowed? Is this true, I can't see any reference to it on the Ness sfb website or on any club website?
  17. General Board
    The above meet is open to non-Angling Trust members according to their website.- 18:30 to 21:30 An FOC ticket is obtainable from the AT website via their North East Region menu. As the scene on NLO matters has gone quiet then an update should be available but don't quote me please. I...
  18. General Board
    Can anyone shed any light on the hooks below, i bought some off a local website , some of them are from sportsfish, just wondering are they bartleet. Thanks .
  19. Picture Gallery
    Only 3 months to the start of the season . And a couple of days ago (Lakselve website) Lots of defrosting to do.
  20. General Board
    Neil Freeman's next auction catalogue is live on his website. Some frankly delicious old reel and rods in amongst the lots.
1-20 of 31 Results