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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    River - unknown beat - secret location water height- 6" above plug hole Water temp - nice n cosy weather - overcast / flat calm Taking bookings for next season !!!
  2. River Spey
    Good luck to everyone out for the first cast tomorrow - On upper Arndilly. Looking at the weather it's going to be a challenging day but looking forward to it!
  3. Swap Shop
    Sealskinz extreme weather hat . Only worn once 3 layer waterproof breathable material Adjustable back Stud up front if needed Pull down ear flaps and back Microfleece lined for warmth Swap for 9/10 shooting head
  4. General Board
    This time last year we were a few weeks into a long dry hot summer,with the rivers down to their bones and the grass burnt dry.This year is the total opposite where there has hardly been 2 dry consecutive days, low night temperatures,high winds and generally just dreich weather,but at least...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    I won't lie I'm stressed. I've not cast a fly for a salmon since March and the rivers in my part are devoid of both water and fish. Now I'm old enough to have seen this all this before: I remember the summer of 1976. Actually talking of 1976 1975 was also a very dry year and the parallels are...
  6. General Board
    Only one fish caught on Tweed system,a few on the Dee and a few more on the mighty Tay. Clearly the weather appears to have taken its toll last week. From the warmth of a chair next to a coal fire in wet and miserable Lincolshire I am contemplating planning a few trips North of the Border as I...
  7. Picture Gallery
    If you don't want to come into contact with salmon teeth, you certainly want to stay clear of these. After the worst salmon season ever for most of us, it's great to get the adrenalin going again and find something that can put a bend in a rod. We've been trying to get a shark trip together in...
  8. General Board
    Found this, and god do I hope it's true... By the Friday the weather looks quite topsy turvy. A low pressure develops and heads from the North Sea into Scotland from the east. Strong winds tuck around this, but it contains some warmer air aloft and the risk of heavy and persistent rain...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Not long back from two days watching some amazing pilot skills,there was a couple of cancellations on both days down to the weather but what a show. A couple of the Red Arrows RAF Typhoon Swiss Air Force F/A18
  10. General Board
    Got few days spare next week and fancy a cast on the Tyne. Never fished it before so any help well appreciated. Any suggestions on decent value for money beats with good fly water. Not sure how the Tyne is effected by natural weather, or released Dam water. Iv looked Riverdale Hotel water and...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Following on from the Cycling and Running threads, I know there are a few on here interested in walking and in particular walking in the hills and mountains. I am just back from my annual Scotland trip. Essentially a 2 part trip. First week munros mainly in the Shiel Bridge area, second week a...
  12. General Board
    Just returned from Finmark. Very difficult conditions at times for the salmon, and ourselves , confused by the weather and conditions. The week previous saw soaring water and air temperatures. When we left the water temperature was down to 9 degrees and the air temperature similar. Still we had...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Did this yesterday. Excellent. 'It was close to closing time , so didn't stop at any point . But it looked like a grand place to spend a day in this " glorious " weather that we're currently enduring. Gravel road , but 4x4 not required. Three Lochs Forest Drive
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    The bright hot weather and lack of rain made my recent trout fishing trip hard going. However, the weather showed Scotland off at its finest. A few photos:
  15. General Board
    Hello all. Looking for some encouragement/hope/lies - I don't mind - for long term weather forecast when I fish the far north end of July. I'm getting a tad worried. Anybody know of the best long term weather forecasters or am I clutching at straws as per usual? Fairhope
  16. General Board
    Looking at the weather radar early this morning and there was some nice heavy rain heading our way.Hoping it would put some water in the river. Typically its done the same as the last 5 years and hit the Lake District and veered north missing the Wear catchment yet again. Well i,m off to the...
  17. General Board
    At last the salmon season has started around the Stavanger district. Armed with a fishing licence for Bjerkreim which I had to buy ages ago I headed for the river this morning. 30 degrees C !!, brilliant sunshine and no water. A complete waste of time. I am hoping for rain but it looks like...
  18. General Board
    Annual spring trip to the Dee this week. First day is Thursday and the forecast is shall we say far from ideal. Better dust off the skagit which may act like dapping floss in the forecasted wind. All those long winter months tying flies and planning and the weather god drops a bomb. Should we go...
  19. General Board
    View from the office window spring has arrived. This one and two of his chums chomping on the new plant growth. No fish but at least the weather has hopefully turned the corner. We can always hope fish will start to arrive now.
  20. General Board
    Are any beats refunding rods in the light of the extreme weather, or has anyone had success with the fishpal insurance scheme, I have heard its not so straightforward when you try and claim from them.
1-20 of 23 Results