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  1. English Rivers
    Happy New Year to all my fellow Wear anglers! I wish you all the best for 2020 & plenty of fish :D I honestly can't wait to get started again. Tight lines, Chris.
  2. General Board
    I have just acquired a pair of bootfoot chest waders, and was wondering which socks would be best suited to wear with them, I would prefer a long sock, does anyone wear the shooting socks that John Norris sells.? any advice welcome thanks in advance. Brian.
  3. Picture Gallery
    Sorry, I'll re-post later. All the attachments screwed up when I stupidly clicked "manage attachments" thinking it would enable me to manage attachments without destroying all those I painstakingly added to my post.
  4. Classified Sales
    Guys have theses gloves available brand new partner bough me them but I never wear gloves 20 posted Pm me if interested Davy Sold pending
  5. Picture Gallery
    This little beauty knocked itself silly on our window pane. After an hour or so recovering in a kitchen table top make do emergency ward 10 bed, it flew off, apparently none the worse for wear. Never seen one so close…its claws and beak look so delicate and fine.
  6. English Rivers
    Away ya go .....
  7. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Hard to make good this tinsel body, it's so shiny that I couldn't see too well what I was doing. Need to wear a sunglasses when I tie the next fly of this type :cool: Size #1.
  8. Spinning
    After having a few years of from fishing the river tees l am hope to fish it next season, my question is the rapalas in fire tiger out fishes every other colour on the river wear when it's running some extra water anyone tried them on the tees or do other colour or lures work better Thanks rob
  9. Classified Sales
    Simms G3 convertible waders. These are used with signs of wear but no leaks etc. Can be worn as waist waders or quickly adjusted to full length. They are size XLS £120 would take £100 for the waders. Simms G4 wading boots. Theses have had quite a bit of wear but plenty left in them. Size U.K...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Just joined in the hope of hooking up (boom boom) with someone in the area for some Salmon fishing trips. I work from home so can pretty much go anytime. I'll be honest i'm a terrible fisherman. At least when it comes to Salmon and Sea Trout. I actually gave up for 2 years after trying...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Two 22" sea trout from the river Wear (bishop Auckland and district AC) last night.
  12. Other.
    Hi all together, I am on the search for a small and easy wearing life jacket. Already have one for any circumstances in boats sport, but it’s way too heavy and uncomfortable for river fishing and speycasting. After some research I bought a Restube, a compact floatable help to wear around the...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hi Been fishing as long as I can remember, for almost anything that swims, Coarse, Game and Sea. Current ambition is my first Salmon on the fly. Get a few on our southern rivers but they're not really suitable for fly. Fished the Wear and the Tees back in 2016, unable to return last year but...
  14. English Rivers
    A new year, a new thread... 2017 seemed like a mixed year on the Wear, a lot of fish seen but not that many caught (or maybe just not reported on here). The fish counts reflect an average year but as we know fish do pass by it. Hopefully we all have a great year! All the best & tight lines :D
  15. Picture Gallery
    One from July '17 One from October '17
  16. Classified Sales
    Guideline le cie 14'8 9/10 £150 SOLD Selling my trusty le cie as I'm now own a couple of lxi's. Rod is 4 piece and in very good condition with only wear marks at the ferrules, which can't be seen when the rod is assembled. pics available by request. Comes with original cloth bag and tube.
  17. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Jim Bumby - Award winning Durham Hydro battering spawning... | Facebook
  18. Sea Trout Fishing
    5lbs Seatrout from the Lower Wear tonight.
  19. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Seeking had mentioned particles from car tyre wear in his OP of another thread but didn't go into much detail. He'd mentioned it as a potential influence on juvenile salmon survival in rivers. It reminded me of a time a while ago when I was doing a bit of googling on my phone while waiting for...
1-20 of 26 Results