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  1. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I took a break from tying swap flies and tied this shrimp fly last night. Oval gold bodies replacing the flat old gold and a badger front hackle. Another one that I do well on when the water's still carrying a bit of colour.
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    Based on the monkey, a pink scandi type thing for coloured waters
  3. Picture Gallery
    Just a few snaps of todays trip to waters meet, the junction between North and South per usual i blanked.....but had a great day and i feel my casting isn't as bad as it was the last time some slight improvement...
  4. General Board
    Hi All Anyone know how many members there are in RADAC? Just wondering it its worth joining as I don't want to fish waters which are too busy. Also, as a game fisherman I noticed they have quite a lot of coarse water. Are their waters good game waters? Thanks
  5. Fishing Videos
    Hello everyone, I want to share of my biggest caught Salmon so far in Lithuania waters. :)
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I moved to the area about 4 years ago and have wanted to get back into fishing of any sort for years, but work commitments have held me back. Thankfully a new job has given me a lot of spare time so I've wanted to take fly fishing (something I've not done for about 15 years) back up...
  7. General Board
    So, i am up staying in fort Augustus next week and have decided to target Loch Oich/Lochy/Garry/Arkaig and River Oich(also will have a bash on loch Killin hopefully). I'd really like to get into some nice trout and pike, maybe a Salmon(if there's enough water in the Oich?) or even a Ferox. I...
  8. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I don't know if this has been posted before, but it's worth a read!\ No More Open Sea Fish Farms | North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF). Helping restore Atlantic salmon to their natural abundance Yet from what I understand they (the Norwegian Companies) are continuing in their attempts to...
  9. Favourite Beats & Rivers
    Been looking at some of the different clubs in the north east, preferably the Tees and the Wear and the waters that they have. Bishop Auckland seem to have some canny beats. Does anybody on here belong to the club or have any knowledge of their beats? Thanks Mick
  10. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    As always best start at the beginning and where best than look at Pacific salmon imports to Europe over 100 years ago - including 50,000 Chinook salmon to Ireland between 1891-1910 (Harache, Y. 1992). Programmes for the introduction of Pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) in Newfoundland...
  11. Fishing Videos
    This guy gets better and better. North Cascades Fly Fishing - Rushing Waters by Todd Moen - YouTube
1-11 of 11 Results