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  1. Boots
    I've recently bought a pair of felt sole boots, after struggling with pair of Vision gummi soled ones. I was thinking of getting some of the above, just for walking to and getting in to the river. Has anyone had any experience with them? Cheers in advance.
  2. General Board
    I've recently had several pairs of expensive waders which seem to leak on the neoprene toe area of the foot in days/weeks. I'm conscious of my toe nails being well shaved down but it seems to bruise the fabric with just walking in them. Is this a common fault ? Any suggestions about protecting...
  3. Picture Gallery
    I often am walking past the Allotments and see these geese in the allotment, I have looked on the 'net for them but cannot find them....does anyone know what breed these are
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Following on from the Cycling and Running threads, I know there are a few on here interested in walking and in particular walking in the hills and mountains. I am just back from my annual Scotland trip. Essentially a 2 part trip. First week munros mainly in the Shiel Bridge area, second week a...
  5. Spinning
    Anyone seen anything like this being used? I'm sure the bailiffs wouldn't be too happy if they saw you walking along the banks with a setup like that. They have lot of good videos on salmon/sea trout which are worth a look.
  6. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a 10ft 8 weight rod for rainbows, must be a poker that doesnt cost a fortune many beers made me use the last one as a walking stick last time I was at a loch and it didn't end well...mail me with what you got
  7. General Board
    Hi I've not been fishing in Scotland before but planning a trip in April. I have spent some time in the northern highlands and love the place. Wanted ideally to do some days fishing and some walking too. I don't know where I should be looking. There is availability on Carlogie/Commonty on...
  8. Other Tackle
    Due to ongoing knee problems I've been put off going river fishing due to the hassle of putting on waders (my normals are breatheables with seperate boots). I decided to try waist waders with integrated boots. Fishers (Penicuik) recommended Vass Tex waders. These are cheap £59 PVC waders so...
1-8 of 8 Results