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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Is this man's stupidity just endless? I rarely watch his press conferences but when I do I find myself cringing and just waiting for him to **** up...and as sure as night follows day what does he do?...he ****s up ? Dr Deborah Birx' body language speaks volumes. She looks as though she just...
  2. Classified Wanted
    Hi, Looking for a spool for a Sage 10 evoke reel. Not bothered by what colour it is. Cash waiting. Please pm Thanks Conehead
  3. Welsh Rivers
    All the best to the Usk rods and visiting rods for the new season. We wait for NRW I suppose in writing to confirm exactly what will be the new recommendations as they will have to make everybody aware. I know people who are waiting like many others before commencing fly-tying,hooks being...
  4. Classified Wanted
    Hi looking for a sage 3400d to replace one that was lost on a flight . Cash or possible trades waiting for the right deal
  5. Classified Wanted
    Any in excellent condition gathering dust out there ? ‘May even consider a reel if price is right. Cash waiting.
  6. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a decent waistcoat guys size x/l cash waiting please message me
  7. Reels
    Hi all, bought a very lovely Loop GASS 11’6 8wt on the forums from Diarmid and looking for a reel to match. Already have a Classic in 811 but it’s a bit big so will use that on my 14ft 9wt. now looking for a Classic 79 or Opti Speedrunner. Anyone tried either on this rod and can give opinions...
  8. Classified Sales
    Doh!...posted in wrong section! Admin please remove...thanks.
  9. General Board
    Anyone got contact for Murray?. Time to get on the waiting list
  10. Trout Fishing
    Cabin fevour was setting in so a break in the weather saw me on Farmoor 2 yesterday. It is a 250 acre concrete bowl just outside Oxford which in itself is pretty uninspiring but with a very picturesque back drop. They get a lot of overwintering birds and yesterday a flock of 50 or so Snow Geese...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    A bit shocked this morning to phone the Doctor this morning and to be told the next available appointment is just short of three weeks away. I avoid going to the doctors if possible and (mainly due to very good fortune) only go approximately once a year. A friend of a friend was given a...
  12. General Board
    As above, if anyone has one going spare please pm, cash waiting Hoolet
  13. Classified Wanted
    Hi guys on the hunt for one of these rods in 13ft 2 8weight cash waiting if someone is willing to part with one pm me Cheers davy
  14. Classified Wanted
    Hi Folks, Looking for one of the above in 14ft 6". If you have one to offer please drop me a PM. Cash waiting.....
  15. Classified Wanted
    Looking for model T-015. 190ml capacity. New preferred , but would consider a good example in excellent condition No dings / dents. Must have original cap Cash waiting.
  16. Classified Wanted
    looking for intermediate and sinking 3 skagits 540 0r 550 grains cash or trades waiting
  17. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above in khaki . Must be in vgc , clean , unmarked , and with insert . Cash waiting if the price is right.
  18. Classified Wanted
    Looking for loop st _6pce 13.2 #8 m/f. Cash waiting. Thanks Conehead
  19. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Well wife back at work , boys off to school , nothing like a bit of free time waiting on some rain
1-20 of 25 Results