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  1. Waders
    I bought a pair of the X-Tech CC6 breathable waders last year, only worn them twice and I've got to say they feel absolute quality, bomb proof waders. However, they're a touch too small so I'm going to sell them on and get the next size up. When I've started looking there seems to be X-Tech CC6...
  2. General Board
    Can anyone shed any light on good deals for G4Z waders? My current pair now in the 10th year (they have been to diver dave) ... surely its a buyers market at present :)
  3. General Board
    I was initially impressed with zip front waders although sceptical about the zip waterproofing properties, the advantages of being able to take a leak without taking the waders down seemed to be a massive boon. As far as I can see this is not the case, unless I'm missing something. So, what's...
  4. General Board
    I've seen a few a few references on the forum about wearing socks over neoprene wader booties to protect them, can anyone explain this to me? I would think most socks would be so thin after being stretched over a wader bootie that it won't help much. We have a lot of gritty sand in our rivers...
  5. Classified Wanted
    Hi folks. Looking for a pair of chest waders for my 14 year old son. He's a size 10 foot at 5 foot 6 inch in height and of a medium build. Anything considered thanks. Chris
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Hunter industrial Waders Looking for some new waders just now. Has anyone tried these? Anyone recommend? Cheers Mows
  7. Classified Sales
    Hodgman Aesis Sonic Waders I have a pair of the above waders for sale in size large. Only tried on but feel to long in the leg for me so looking to move them on. Re packed in box with the tags but removed. Looking for £325 plus postage. OVNO. Darren
  8. Classified Sales
    Good condition, no leaks, a little thread loss above booties, but nothing serious £50 delivered
  9. Classified Sales
    Simms G4 guide waders Brand new Due to expansion I’m Selling above waders. As said they are brand new, only been tried on. Size is large 9/11. £390 posted
  10. Classified Wanted
    Simms g4 xl or in next size upzip front waders in good condition wanted
  11. General Board
    Hi All Does anyone have any experience with these wader liners for the Aesis and H5 waders? If so can you share any views? I was wondering whether to invest in a pair for my Aesis waders. Thanks for any advice you may care to offer. Happy New Year and Tight Lines in 2020. Tawsalmon
  12. Classified Sales
    Simms G3 waders xlk two years old no leaks one small pin hole on right upper leg repaired. Freestone jacket xxl £330 for both ono posted pictures posted tomorrow 12/12/19
  13. Classified Sales
    above waders for sale used 4/5 times no rips or tears £20 plus £5 postage
  14. General Board
    Hi folks, I have some breathable waders that are in a bad state. As you can see from the photos, both soles are damaged and currently need a lot of aquasure to stay dry. Stones in the boots have also caused a few holes. I repaired them quite a few times during the season and usually after a few...
  15. Classified Sales
    Due to expansion I’m Selling above waders. As said they are brand new with tags. Size is large 9/11. £425 posted
  16. General Board
    Would just like to say a big thank you to bankwheel for the excellent Guideline waders he sold me! All in the best condition and the fit is perfect. Excellent waders at an excellent price! Also the offer to fish the Findhorn next season, top man! being a short ass has its benefits at times:D...
  17. Waders
    Anyone tried the I - waders yet?
  18. Waders
    Any one have any experience with the above waders? Have the Redington Sonic Seam at the minute and done 6 or so seasons, really like them but cant seem to see any for sale in the UK, don't fancy the American import duty and if their faulty try return, the Wychwood seem to have decent spec and...
  19. Classified Sales
    Guideline Alta TiZip waders size Medium Short with Guideline Alta wading boots size 8 felt soles with studs and Guideline Alta Loft Jacket, only worn twice but committed to another tackle company now so no need for them. Very good waders and the jacket is excellent. £250 for all three, a bargain.
  20. Classified Sales
    Free Scierra stocking foot chest waders. Hi folks. My son has outgrown his two tone breathable Scierra stocking foot waders and I'd be happy to give them away to another youngster for free. No boots I'm afraid as he left them outside the car after a days fishing and we never saw them again...
1-20 of 103 Results