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  1. General Board
    I've seen a few a few references on the forum about wearing socks over neoprene wader booties to protect them, can anyone explain this to me? I would think most socks would be so thin after being stretched over a wader bootie that it won't help much. We have a lot of gritty sand in our rivers...
  2. General Board
    I will be heading Gaula in June this year. I never have wader for my local waters, but I have a pair of Simms Freestone wading boots, so I would need wader, and other wading clothing if necessary. As the wader would not see much use after the trip so I would prefer not to invest in big $$. Any...
  3. General Board
    Hi All Does anyone have any experience with these wader liners for the Aesis and H5 waders? If so can you share any views? I was wondering whether to invest in a pair for my Aesis waders. Thanks for any advice you may care to offer. Happy New Year and Tight Lines in 2020. Tawsalmon
1-3 of 3 Results