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  1. Classified Sales
    This very last of my vintage colobus hair, the original sunray and monkey fly hair, it is impossible to buy at a reasonable price. £60 sold posted
  2. Classified Sales
    Sold Clearing out some fly boxes these are excess flies all tied with expensive materials like frodin tungsten turbo tubes, polar bear , vintage colobus etc. 23 tubes in total 100 UK plus postage
  3. Reels
    I am relatively new to fishing with pre war Hardy Perfects. This is my first summer fishing a 3 3/4 1930's vintage Perfect on my new Bob Clay Cane 12 footer. It has been wonderful and I have caught some lovely fish on them. Part of my success has been some great rainy weather during some of my...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    A few pics from todays rally in Ayr....there were a lot more tractors, trucks and old bikes but I went along to see how many of the cars I owned in the past...quite a few. Trying to post all the cars was a pain so this is just a small selection. Mike
  5. Classified Sales
    23 x vintage rapalas new in box. Old shop stock from 1970s. 11 x F11 GFR 2 x F11 G 3 x F13 GFR 5 x F13 G 2 x CD11 G £175 posted.
  6. Classified Sales
    I have one spare piece of very dense haired vintage monkey for sunrays skin size 12x 16cm huge piece price is £45 posted standard, for you monkey lover you know how cheap this is:)
  7. Classified Sales
    For Sale, Vintage Hardy Marquis No 1 reel in superb condition,£105 inc.p&p,U.K. Mainland. Pics available via email.jg Also includes Hardy zipped pouch. REEL SOLD
  8. Classified Sales
    vintage pre cities black and white colobus patch 28cm x 28cm min medium length hair this will dye up great for those deadly banana and phatagorva monkeys, similar pieces are for sale for 345 euros online. looking for 150 euros plus postage can send photos by email. see my other post in...
  9. Classified Sales
  10. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    One of a series of flies - mostly with Dee style wings. The fluff is from around the legs of the Golden Eagle (this is the real thing off a vintage mount), though turkey marabou makes a very good sub. Dx
  11. Reels
    I just ordered a 12' 450 gr Cane rod from Bob Clay. My "dream "reel to go on it is a vintage Hardy perfect in left hand wind. I know this is a relatively rare item , but I was wondering if anyone has some ideas on where to start my search and what I should expect to pay if I find one.Also I was...
  12. General Board
    Hello everyone, I am a new member and just posted on the 'new members' thread. Would any members have any suggestions for me - I am wondering how to find some vintage photos of salmon fishing and fishermen. Preferably 1880's through to about 1950's. I am hoping to collate some scans of...
  13. Reels
    Anybody out there knowledgeable enough (or know someone) to help me identify and value some vintage fly reels, both trout and salmon. Some will be fairly valuable, some I dont know all the manufacturers, but include Hardys, H A Murton, T. Pape, Farlows, A & NCSL etc. Looking to sell all.
  14. General Board
    I've inherited a fair number of Hardy Palakona rods, vintage reels and various tackle. I'm holding onto the fly reels, but would like to sell on the rods and tackle to collectors. What's the best avenue to do this, trickle them onto Ebay or sell as a job lot to a dealer? Can anyone suggest any...
  15. Ebay Bargains
    Like almost every subscriber to SFF I see this mass of Ebay adverts clutter up the pages. And it has got me wondering what advertisers/sellers mean by "vintage", and whether they genuinely receive a benefit from what I suspect is complete over-kill in terms of the description. Specifically...
  16. Picture Gallery
    Hi guys 1st post. Just looking for information or possibly a valuation of this rod. Its a 12ft 3 pc Peregrine by Falcon of Redditch fly rod. I dont really know much more than that.
1-16 of 17 Results