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  1. Vision
    Following the earlier review of the Onki 13, an evaluation of the Vision Tool 13' #8 is now available to view on Just One Week.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. Been enjoying reading many threads on the site so decided to register! Shootings my main hobby but I have fished for trout for years and very occasionally salmon on the Dee. I bought some new kit a couple months back with the view of going out more but despite a few days on the...
  3. Rookies Corner
    Following a number of questions about choosing the right reel to go with a rod and how to balance rod and reel, I thought it might help rookies at large if I wrote a simple explanation of how to get the right balance. Balancing Rod and Reel is now available to view on Just One Week. I hope...
  4. General Board
    Anyone else having problems when clicking on the New Posts button and getting the sorry,there are no new posts to view message. But if you click the Today's Post button there are new posts. :noidea:
  5. Picture Gallery
    Not many Salmon jumping today .
  6. Rookies Corner
    The latest post Water Water Nowhere is available to view on Just One Week.
  7. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Jockie Scott's last 2 postings from Malone's book has given me the push to try one myself - not with a whole lot of success from a technical point of view but I think it could catch a springer in this day and age. I have never tried a double ribbing before and the wing and GP crest needs more...
  8. Picture Gallery
    Out for dinner last night with friends at South Queensferry, came out to this lovely view:)
  9. General Board
    View from the office window spring has arrived. This one and two of his chums chomping on the new plant growth. No fish but at least the weather has hopefully turned the corner. We can always hope fish will start to arrive now.
  10. General Board
    Can anyone give a link to watching NRK Villasken fishing series? Comes up unable to view in the uk? NRK TV - Den fantastiske villaksen
  11. General Board
    The latest post - Water, Water Everywhere - is now available to view on Just One Week. Happy Christmas everyone.
  12. General Board
    Just been looking at the Exe Bridge webcam to see if the river is fishable . Straight in to a view of a cormorant fishing the pool really hard. Right outside your back door Andrew ? Colin.
  13. General Board
    The latest post - Welcome Back - which records our recent week on the Findhorn is available to view on Just One Week.
  14. General Board
    The story and pictures from my recent trip to the Gaula - Far too Much of a Good Thing - are now available to view on J1W.
1-14 of 14 Results