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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    We have all had a good laugh at Donald Trump and his comments on Sunlight and Disinfectant on Coronavirus. I am no fan of the Donald and sympathise with the American people who had to choose between him and Hilary. However I have just watched the following video of the real interview and how the...
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    Thanks to Spey Brothers Videos - Spey Brothers H
  3. Step by Step
    Hi All I was asked by a member to do a video of the above, so here it is: I managed to get a fish on the Pert Beat of the North Esk on its first outing, so I must be doing something right. :) I hope you all like it and it proves helpful! Any constructive comments welcome. mikh
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Hopefully I can post an image, this is my first post on the forum. Tied this last night by copying Davie McPhails youtube video. Took me about five times a long as him to tie it though :noidea:
  5. General Board
    This is completely new to me and only seen it for first time tonight in this YouTube video. Gets rid of the "rip" in the water when forming the loop. Interesting.
  6. Fly Tying Videos
    Some folks have a bit of trouble when doubling is a video which is worth watching Hackle Folding Tool - YouTube
  7. Fishing Videos
    Hi All Here is another video from last month on the River Forth. A little acrobatic grilse. The rivers been good to me this year! Hope you like the video. Mikh
  8. Fishing Videos
    Hi All Here is another video of a fish I caught last week on the River Forth. By the way do people prefer the video's to have commentary or just the sound of nature? Hope you like the video. Mikh
  9. Fishing Videos
    FLY TV - Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles) - YouTube
  10. Fishing Videos
    Hi Here's a video of a couple of grilse I caught on the River Forth yesterday. Not the biggest but a welcome surprise. Apparently the only fish caught yesterday! Hope you like the video. Mikh
  11. General Board
    A wee landing net video from forth River Trust doing the rounds on Facebook worth a look. PLEASE SHARE - Do you use a landing net for salmon ? Conserving salmon is ever more important as we see a steady decline across Scotland. When fishing for salmon, it is important that when one is caught...
  12. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Here is a video made on my annual visit over last week. River Erriff July 2019 - YouTube
  13. General Board
    Was thinking about spending some money on a Go Pro video camera for the odd time when I might have something to take videos of. Anybody out there with any advice on what to get and which accessories work best in an angling environment. I tried a search on SFF but can find nothing. :help:
  14. Casting Videos
    I was looking at this video and in particular the spey cast at 2 minutes 20 seconds in, which caught my attention and I thought I would ask all the expert casters on the forum if you've seen this cast before. It looks very economical and in my opinion very well executed by the angler in the...
  15. Great Threads
    This has become a hot topic as of late so I'm placing a copy of this video version of the How I Get Flies Down thread here also. There may actually be a few things covered in the show that you may not have previously considered, I hope it will be helpful. I have rigged and fished streamers...
  16. Fly Tying Videos
    Tying a Golden Prawn Salmon Fly - Video Hi I was asked by a friend to tie this fly and only had a picture to go by so I thought I would do this video at the same time. It looks great in the water Hope you like it! mikh
  17. Other Videos
    I like this video which is on Youtube Jacob Rees-Mogg's message for the Common People - YouTube
  18. General Board
    Now that we're into 2019 I was thinking about 2018 and what moments stood out. Obviously the extreme weather had a big part in things and hopefully this season will be more 'normal'. Overall though I didn't have a bad season with some memorable trips and moments. Here's a video from one that...
  19. Promotional Videos
    I made a music video with me fishing our rivers in northernmost Scandinavia. Dry Fly fishing atlantic salmon in northern scandinavia. - YouTube Should anyone be interested fishing these rivers with me, check out Flyfishing in Finland
1-19 of 60 Results