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  1. Classified Sales
    Rio scandi versitip 11wt 700gr/ 45gm. 40ft/ 12.2m Posted £70 PayPal as gift NOW SOLD Thanks for looking
  2. Shooting Heads
    Hello, I can't find 20 'tips for a rio unispey versitip shoot; Do you have an idea ? use a 15 'tip doesn't it risk to change the balance .
  3. Shooting Heads
    Hi, I have a couple of Rio Scandi Short Heads - an 8 and a 9. When I bought the 9 body I got it with the Versitip kit, that is the four tips to go with the head, They seem to work OK on the short 8 head as well. But as I like the lines I was considering getting a third head for a 6/7 weight...
  4. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi short versitip kit 9# in great condition SOLD
  5. Classified Sales
    Airflo Rage h/int 600gr test cast only £22 posted. Rio versitip body #10 24’ ,used but in good condition ,£24 posted, Paypal please. “SOLD PENDING “
  6. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi short versitip 5wt, 20.7g, comes with tip wallet and 4 tips. Great line for 5/6wt switch rod or 10ft 8wt single hander. Slight discolouration on line at the back end where it meets the running line but otherwise excellent. SOLD. Cheers Diarmid.
  7. Shooting Heads
    Do I need the regular length, or the short version of the RIO Scandi Versitip for a 13 foot 8/9 Vision Mag? I suspect the rod is on the border between the two (?) Thanks
  8. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi VersiTip #9, SOLD Thanks, Stuart
  9. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi VersiTip #11, SOLD Thanks, Stuart.
  10. Classified Sales
    Hi lads, I recently bought a new rod and some lines to try out, unfortunately I didn't get on with the rod and have moved it on, now time to move the lines on. The versitip was used for an hour or two and the Skagit Max Short and iMow are brand new, never out of the box. Rio Scandi Short...
  11. Classified Sales
    Have for sale a RIO Scandi Short Versitip Kit #8 Was used for a couple of hour's complete with Pouch of tips Running line Head Don't have the box or spools but will be coiled onto rio spools boxes etc. £75 delivered Rgds, Darra SOLD
  12. Classified Sales
    line now sold Sold for £70
  13. Classified Sales
    I'm selling this Rio Scandi Short Versitip complet set, never used: -Rio Scandi Short Body 23Ft. 455 grains - Floating. -Rio Scandi Short Body 23Ft. 455 grains - Intermediate. -4 different densities Rio Tips 10Ft. #9Wt. 95 grains in its Rio wallet. All this form a very complet system Rio...
  14. General Board
    any recommendations for a versitip line for a switch rod, 11.5 ft #7/8 ?
  15. Hardy
    Hi all! I have this rod and Im thinking of buying a Rio versitip short but not sure if the #7(27.5g) or the #8(31.4g) would be best. Hardy rates the rod to have 32g heads. After discussing with some Hardy proteam members and some owners in Sweden Im a bit confused. One said 32g is way to heavy...
  16. Lines
    Hi, is the head portion of the scandi shorthead versitip the same as the scandi versitip as the shorthead is 33ft with the 10ft tip and the longer one is 38ft with 15ft tip in #9. Also is the standard scandi similar to the old tracker, i have a tracker and i don't like it but i really like the...
  17. Classified Sales
    scandi versitip 7wt, 445gr, 28.8 gm. used once for half an hour. .SOLD.
  18. Classified Sales
    Hi, I am Selling my Rio Scandi Short VersiTip Kit (6 Weight), Brand New in Box & has never been used. Easy casting 33ft head. (24g) Supplied with 4 (Float, Intermediate, Sink 3 & Sink 5) looped and interchangeable 10ft tips. Can be used on Double Handed, Switch, or Single Handed Rods. RRP...
  19. Rookies Corner
    Hi all, I'm off to the Gaula for the first time in the first half of June. Taking a Rio Skandi Versitip (15ft tips), however was thinking about buying a skagit head to take as well, if the water is high and we are fishing particularly deep. thinks its worthwhile, or the standard sink tips on the...
1-19 of 20 Results