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  1. General Board
    Time to replace some of my Rio Versileaders for use on the end on my older style #8 scandi head. Will the much cheaper Airflo polyleaders work just as well?
  2. Classified Wanted
    Looking for salmon rio versileaders 7' in sinking densities 2.6 ips, 3.9 ips or 5.6 ips. Would consider 6' in similar densities. Must be in vgc. Thanks
  3. Classified Sales
    Rio Spey Versileaders 10ft; 1 × 1.5ips 1 x 2.6ips 1 x 5.6ips 1 x 7.0ips All are either used once or unused. Cost £7.99 each. Looking for £15 posted in UK. SOLD. Cheers Diarmid.
  4. Classified Sales
    Remains of my gear....Rio Versileaders at 6Ft. CLEAR INTER '1.5" SINKER @ 2.6". SINKER @ 3.9". SINKER @5.6" . UNABLE TO FIND ORIGONAL PACKET SINKER @7.0". £15.00 POSTED OR CAN COLLECT. PM if interesteD......... SOLD...........
  5. General Board
    Hi guys, Lost my set of 10' versileaders last week (just checked ma bag out for tomorrow) they are in an airflo wallet. It must have been on the Lower Tummel as I had them before I commenced fishing.:help: If you come across them could you please drop me a pm and I will give a small reward...
1-7 of 7 Results