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  1. General Board
    The picture below, which I inherited from my grandfather, is by a 20th century American artist called Ogden Pleissner, who was best known for his work in World War 2 and subsequently of fishing and hunting in the USA and Canada. This picture is unusual in that it is set in Scotland. I am keen...
  2. Swap Shop
    Ballistic express shooting head 9/10,590 grain float. Used once for half day. Got couple same size brought over from USA by pal so one up for swap. Superb heads designed by Steve godshall who also does meiser heads.. Made in USA they are looped both ends Turns over any tip you put on it. Swap...
  3. General Board
    Can you imagine if this would have happened in the USA or France???� We in the UK just sit back and think whats on Netflix tonight!
  4. General Board
    I see Trump is putting tarrifs on goods manufactured in China.....not sure but is it only the gortex waders made in the USA? And everything else made in China ??
  5. General Board
    Hi Anyone know who stocks these in U.K. Please? Bought the last one in USA and customs charged me £22 for the pleasure so surely someone gets them in UK? Thanks John
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello I am from Connecticut and salmon fishing has become my passion. Landed my first salmon on the Cheticamp River in Nova Scotia in the 70's and from that time I don't know who hooked and landed who. Unfortunately I have watch our restoration program coming to an end after a long battle with a...
  7. Waders
    Hi where is the best price to get a pair of theses waders need to replace my old ones I was thinking as well is it cheaper to get them in from USA Any help or advice is much appricated.
  8. Classified Sales
    Hardy Uniqua/Sirrus USA Reel No4 The reel shares its construction with the Hardy Sirrus All water reel that was sold by Hardy UK a few years and is the twin to it. It's mint and has had minimum use. Comes boxed with neoprene pouch. £135.00 inc
1-8 of 8 Results