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  1. Spare Rod/Member Meet-Ups/Fishing Days/Trips
    Rod no longer for sale. Upper Hendersyde
  2. Rods
    Unfortunately it appears due to wear and tear I have a prolapsed disc in my upper back/ neck area. Looks like the spring trip to the Dee won’t happen and I am concentrating on getting better for Norway in June. Unfortunately it means I have to look at the equipment I am using and the 15ft rods I...
  3. General Board
    Hi guys, Any one got any experience of floors in February? Thinking mid to late feb, not sure on upper or lower would be best? Thanks in advance
  4. General Board
    I am looking to take a couple of days on the Ettrick or Upper tweed in Nov just to finish my season off. I appreciate there will be no fresh fish but looking to get out regardless. I am not familiar at all with the upper tweed or Ettrick beats and was looking for some pointers. Not a lot of...
  5. English Rivers
    Hi guys, I've a couple of questions if anyone knows the answers. Firstly can salmon actually spawn anywhere up the North Tyne, is there streams for them to travel up to spawn or do they have to try their best in the river. Also how far upstream can you legally fish?. Can fishing be done beneath...
  6. Classified Sales
    I have a rod that I can't make on Upper floors for Thursday 18th July. £100 Ono
  7. Scottish Rivers
    Hi im looking to fish at the teith at lanrick , can anyone recommend what beat is better fishing , upper or lower ? Thanks
  8. General Board
    Hi Cant get 10 down (Upper reach of river Thames) Please help Alan
  9. General Board
    Is there any point in fishing the upper tweed really early in the season ? I know it’s more of a late summer to back end river but going by this seasons results that is in decline, since the season is from feb to nov I’m planning on fishing every month of the season to learn what i can about the...
  10. Picture Gallery
    A journey through steelhead country - the Upper Umpqua River - in tourist mode. Which explains why you haven't heard anything from me in the past fortnight.
  11. River Tay
    Why wouldn't you want to fish here?
  12. Spare Rod/Member Meet-Ups/Fishing Days/Trips
    Due to a double booking i have 1 rod on Upper Farleyer River Tay Available, I paid £55,looking for £30
  13. General Board
    Anyone got 7 down? Famous beat on upper aberdeenshire dee
  14. River Tay
    Nice day out if a little high.
  15. Picture Gallery
    Chilly start to the season at Dalmarnock. Deesunray casting a line on the upper part of the beat.
  16. General Board
    I have just heard the report by the river Dee trust on the second year of smolt tracking and by all accounts it seems that Gooseanders are doing more damage than originally thought. The loses for the smolts tagged in the Baddoch burn on the upper river were 70% mostly taking place from just...
  17. General Board
    I am looking for the contact details of the lodge now under Russian management on the upper part of Kola 3. The salmon junkies were running this a few years back, now no more. I understand this is run by Russian operator. Please does anyone have their contact details ?
  18. River Tweed Reports & News
    Could anybody please give some general advice about Dryburgh Upper - high or low water beat, wading conditions, productive/unproductive in August etc. Haven't been before so interested to know a bit more about it. Nb Very little came up when I used the search function on here (suprisingly)...
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Upper Wharfedale could do with 150 of these!!!;) Cyclist 'repeatedly attacked' by Staffordshire bird of prey - BBC News
1-19 of 19 Results