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  1. Picture Gallery
    I took these pictures from the webcam at the top of a beat that I rent on the river Otter. The mayfly were much later last year but it was unusual up to a few years ago to have any quantities of mayfly at all. Colin.
  2. General Board
    Fishing the Tweed in the closing month I hooked a overhanging branch, i tried to shake it free with no joy so I turned away to snap it and to my surprise the loop on the polytip failed with much less strain than I'm comfortable with, its dented my confidence in them. How unusual is it for the...
  3. General Board
    The picture below, which I inherited from my grandfather, is by a 20th century American artist called Ogden Pleissner, who was best known for his work in World War 2 and subsequently of fishing and hunting in the USA and Canada. This picture is unusual in that it is set in Scotland. I am keen...
  4. General Board
    For those scratching their heads to try and get that unusual gift for Santa Coming then take a look at Duncan Smith Glasscraft on Facebook. Do I have any connection well yes as I am a great fan of this unsung artist with Glass, other than that he is a fishing buddy. Can he do Fish, well yes he...
  5. General Board
    found this line on one of my reels.. labelled RIO AFS, which it isn't and that's what must have been there before. Its a salmon line, looks somewhere between #9/11.. can anyone tell by the unusual shade of green what it is? (hoping adding the pic has worked!)
1-5 of 5 Results