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  1. General Board
    I have been handed a hardy the tweed split cane rod to sell to raise funds for our club. Anyone have any info on it as I can't find anything about it on Google, it's in superb condition, thanks.
  2. River Tweed Reports & News
    Here we go 2020! Good Luck to all the Tweed fishers for 2020. Expecting a few changes to regulations this season. Not seen anything in writing yet but fairly sure there will be. I am hoping that the River Till will be unaffected by any changes to spinning and worming as this could ruin the...
  3. General Board
    beat on the tweed, not a long beat about 1.5 miles would be ideal and under 100 quid to fish in august/September for a day thanks.
  4. Scottish Rivers
    Had a look at this week's catches on the Tweed. 9 fish on what I think, pretty good water levels. What's going on there?
  5. General Board
    Just had a look at this week's catches on the Tweed. 9 fish on, what I think, pretty good water levels. What's going on there?
  6. General Board
    talking to a old friend and once tillmouth gillie, he was asking if I knew how the beat was doing, I replied no but would find out, and to my horror only 2 salmon last week, 27 for the whle of October, 282 for the season so far? he also looked in horror, replying in his not so long away day...
  7. General Board
    I am looking to take a couple of days on the Ettrick or Upper tweed in Nov just to finish my season off. I appreciate there will be no fresh fish but looking to get out regardless. I am not familiar at all with the upper tweed or Ettrick beats and was looking for some pointers. Not a lot of...
  8. General Board
    Forecast rain this week fingers crossed it comes,last few weeks for the Cree then it will be nith,and tweed
  9. River Tweed Reports & News
    The Duke of Roxburghe passed away a few days ago after a long battle with cancer. He was only 64. Any of you Tweed regulars know what this is going to do (if anything) to the Floors fishing?
  10. Tie of the month
    Roll up roll up for the entries for the August 2019 Tie of the Month Competition Please take some time to look through the 13 fantastic flies and pick your favourite. mc andy Perry Poker KGM gwelsher Jockiescott GaryD nwsalar CharlieH ianmortimer AlanT Andrzej...
  11. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Just seen a news report from the Tweed on cormorant and goosander research which hopefully will provide some answers to the impact of these birds. Hopefully this is the link :- Cull to begin on cormorants and goosanders as Tweed salmon numbers continue to drop | Border Telegraph
  12. River Tweed Reports & News
    I don't see a thread for the new season so thought I'd get the ball rolling Looking at the catches on pi sh pal and tweedbeats there's 3 fish on the cards for opening day.. 1 for lower floors, 1 for U N Wark and 1 for hendersyde, well done to their captors :thumb: Tightlines to all who grace...
  13. General Board
    Is there any point in fishing the upper tweed really early in the season ? I know it’s more of a late summer to back end river but going by this seasons results that is in decline, since the season is from feb to nov I’m planning on fishing every month of the season to learn what i can about the...
  14. Scottish Rivers
    It's now about 25years ago that I first travelled over to visit the British Isles for salmon and seatrout fishing. There were really chilling temperatures and some snow on the grounds of the upper Tweed in this week with hard frosts at night. I met Derek Brown at the Traquair Arms in...
  15. General Board
    Whatever has happened to the mid and upper Tweed fishings? 20 / 30 years ago most, if not all mid and upper Tweed beats returned at least 10 / 15 salmon per week plus some impressive sea trout to 15 lb. Approx half were firm silver beauties. I know that all salmon have had a terrible time this...
  16. Grayling Fishing
    I am salmon fishing a few middle Tweed beats next week and as I have some spare days I wondered if it was worthwhile doing a bit of grayling fishing. Could anyone recommend any areas either on Tweed or tributary where I could get a day ticket or is it salmon only in October
  17. Classified Sales
    SOLD PP Barbour Gamefair Tweed Jacket. Worn once last winter,kept in wardrobe since. Mint brand new condition. Waterproof and breathable. Handwarmer Pockets Inside and zip pockets Quilt Lined Rare as made in Muted Tulchan Estate Tweed Size XL (44"-46") £100.00 Posted
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Why a plane is dropping trout into a lake from above - BBC News
  19. General Board
    We had a run down to Peebles today and as expected the Tweed was very low. Possibly lower before the recent rains? But the amount of Mergansers (FEBs) that we're in one location was in excess of twenty with other smaller groups further downstream. I would guess it's even easier for these to find...
  20. General Board
    AMENDMENT TO THE TWEED REGULATION ORDER 2007 ANNUAL CLOSE TIME AND CATCH AND RELEASE In terms of paragraph 9 of schedule 2 of The Scotland Act 1998 (River Tweed) Order 2006 ("the 2006 Order") notice is hereby given that, following an application to them by the River Tweed Commission, the...
1-20 of 53 Results