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  1. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    In the Atkins Low Water style Hook: Magni #12 Tag: Gold wire Rear Body: Copper tinsel Rib: Gold Wire Mid Hackle: GP Front Body: Micro Polar Chenile - Rusty Orange or Copper tinsel Front Hackles 1 turn Red Game under 1 Turn Whiting Grizzle Hen.
  2. General Board
    Bakkafrost a company I never heard off, has just announced the loss of 1,000,000 salmon ca 4-5 lb each from a cage in the Faroe Islands! But it is all OK, they were insured. It is just a joke! I wonder where and when they will turn up.
  3. Skagit Lines
    Just a thought in that what do you think I might reasonably expect to turn over on the end of a Skagit line tips wise and what do you think I could actually get away with? Have a few thoughts in the old grey matter concerning some old Rio 30ft heads I have that were designed for the Rio lines in...
  4. General Board
    Just saw elsewhere that a Pink has been caught on the Drowes fishery in Ireland. Wonder how long it'll be before they turn up here.
  5. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Another small step forward in the right direction, especially if we are starting to see a "wobble" from investors. Climate crisis and antibiotic use could 'sink' fish farming industry - report | Environment | The Guardian
  6. Classified Sales
    Ballistic Vector short belly Spey line floating 650 grains 9/10 the head is 55ft to the colour change, it has had 5ft removed from the fine front taper to turn over poly leaders, a great casting Spey line #25 posted SOLD
  7. Lines
    Hi has anyone used a scandoid line from steve godshall, just wondering what weight of tips they will turn how different they are to a skagit etc. cheers:)
  8. General Board
    Can't help but mention how poor the fishing is on the Scottish rivers these days. Don't know why as the English rivers have done well. For some reason the Scottish rivers are struggling and don't look like getting better. Perhaps prices may start reflecting this down turn as it very hard work to...
  9. Step by Step
    A fair few seem to like the fly I posted in the August TOTM. Some people seem to be having trouble hackling the fly so I thought I'd share how I do it. After the 'Spitting the dummy out of the pram' thread, I'll probably be seeing plenty of these for sale on ebay and facebook over the weeks...
  10. Classified Sales
    I have an unused BFR 200 magnum spare spool with backing £18 posted and an unused magnum 140d reel brand new but one way bearing needs replacing as it goes into free spool mode sometimes. The bearing is the one you turn over for left or right hand wind and easily replaced. £25 posted. No boxes...
  11. Shooting Heads
    Can anyone compare Airflo and Rio poly leaders? Are they any different in their ability to turn flies over?
1-11 of 11 Results