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  1. General Board
    Looking for some assistance Gents. Where might I get the extension tubing featured in the picture. It's not the coil of yellow stuff, that's all i've been able to find of late and t's too thin walled. It was bought from AA ( Silicone Tubing) The other samples are thicker walled and Opaque and...
  2. General Board
    Just thought I would give a mention to a decent Chinese eBay seller. (no relation :) ) Praise where it is due. I ordered 10m of Polyolefin 2-1 2mm clear shrink tubing from seller "bestboss2011" (£2.94) It was sent out very quickly and tracking was provided all the way. Only hold up was at...
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    Where can I get some of the small diameter stuff in the photo ?
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Hey Guys, I was looking for some tubing for tying really small tube flies. Have found that 1.8mm tubing is too small to insert hook and 3.0mm tubing is too large. 2.4mm approx tubing would be ideal. Anyone know if or where this diameter of tubing is available? Thanks in advance.
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Been a while since I either dressed or fished with tubes , and I’m all out of extension tubing . I’m wondering what you lads are using these days ? Clear and coloured.
  6. Fly Tying Topics
    My thoughts were that the body would be more mobile in the water due to the tubing being free to wiggle, all comments welcome however harsh:lol:
  7. Fly Tying Topics
    Someone has given me some plastic tubing which comprises some outer clear rigid tubing, some inner clear rigid tubing and some flexible liner tubing. Is this FITS system and is it designed for conehead flies? There are no cone heads with it and I haven’t made conehead tubes before but I might be...
  8. Classified Sales
    Flying c / spinner making materials (SOLD) subject to usual. Anyone interested in this lot of materials. Wire stems, tubing, hooks, beads forming tool etc. £40 +p&p
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi all, does anyone know where a fella might but decent 3mm outer tubling and 18mm liner tubing in bulk packs? Plain, transparent colours grand. I'm fed up paying £3.50 to £4.00 for ten tubes, 40p a go though I doubt they cost 4p to manufacture. Foxy Tails used to sell packs of 100 but no...
  10. Classified Wanted
    Clear Flexible 3 MM OD Tubing I am trying to find some decent clear 3 MM outside diameter tubing to hold the hook on to a bottle tube,. I have gotten some clear tubing 3 MM OD tubing BUT the ID is way too narrow. If anyone can point me in the direction to get some or have some they would like...
  11. General Board
    Can anyone advise me what size of heat shrink tubing I would need for welding loops onto 10/11# lines please . thanks jim.
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi Guys Does anyone know where I can get some really small diameter tubing for cones that have seriously small holes in. I used to get it from Mchardys but after John left shop nobody was able to obtain it.
1-13 of 13 Results