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  1. Shooting Heads
    How much are members cutting off the front of the AFS float to improve turnover with tips ? And also, can a loop be welded afterwards ? I've had trouble trying to weld floating lines in the past. Any advice appreciated.
  2. General Board
    Hello everyone, In your opinion it is the best connection line backing, this season I had a little trouble with a braided loop and it gives me a doubt
  3. European Rivers
    Photos: Landslide leaves open wound in mountain - Iceland Monitor Photos: Landslide leaves open wound in mountain - Iceland Monitor
  4. General Board
    Re the recent admin 'activity' on this front, I'd just like to know why those involved in this haven't been banned off the forum for life? It was always clearly against the rules so why an amnesty? There have been a number of them over the years and all have been created to cause trouble in one...
  5. Other Videos
    Winter Tyre Test, Mountain Track . - YouTube The snow fell so thought good time to test out The new Continental Winter Tyre.No trouble going up or back down mountain track .
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Just put the wives fancy plastic table cloth in the tumble drier now you can play football with it, should i own up or blame the washing machine . There may be trouble ahead
  7. Lines
    Was wondering if this would be alright on my shakey 8/9 switch rod these are the head length FRONT TAPER & TIP:24 'only trouble is i dont know the grain or gramm rating. BELLY:4' REAR TAPER 4' 6" RUNNING LINE:57' 30YDS
1-7 of 7 Results