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  1. Classified Sales
    Guideline Triple D Float/Hover/Inter 39g 9/10 13.5m (44ft) New in box etc... £25.00 including p&p (To mainland UK) SOLD
  2. Classified Sales
    Had these lines up for sale as lot but now left with two. Gaelforce 9/10 triple density heads. They are I-S1-S3 and S1-S3-S5 I’d take £45 for both, lines are unused and spooled in original box.
  3. Swap Shop
    Swap this LTS triple density sinking line in 10/11 for a similar quality footing shooting head in 10/11. Great line for most Dee beats with 2' or more on the gauge. Used twice.
  4. Classified Sales
    For sale, Gaelforce equalizer triple density F/H/I 39gram/600grains used twice, in very good condition. Spooled & boxed. £35 posted UK. Thanks for looking. Line now sold, thanks
  5. Classified Sales
    Float/Int/S2 cut to 35 G Hover/Int/3 cut to 36 G Not been heavily used, £35 for the pair posted. Sold pending.
  6. General Board
    Hi Guys This thread comes off the back of the ""Gorilla Fluoro Carbon"" started by Aquadag.. My question is this,,,What dropper knot do you use with Fluorocarbon and how does it rate for strength ? I was using the Triple surgeons knot with Seaguar 15lb Fluorocarbon but tended to get quite a...
  7. Classified Sales
    As per title and picture, Gaelforce ETD 8/9 36g FHI Triple Density head for sale. Bought and tried once, but prefer my Zpey Compact heads. £45 postage included
  8. Classified Wanted
    Hello all, I have a few lighter line spey and switches I'm trying to line and may be in need of a single hand DDC kit or two and/or Triple D heads. Would prefer uncut, but if they've been trimmed back please let me know length and weight. Floating or intermediate on the DDC's either are...
  9. Classified Sales
    Guideline Triple D F/H/I Never used and now surplus to requirements. Marked as 10/11 (44ft - 44 grams) on the packaging but cut back and customised to 40ft-39 grams. Needs a loop on the back. £25 posted (£59.99 RRP) Line is now sold
  10. Guideline
    Hello, I am looking for a guideline travel rod around 14 ft 9/10 and I would like to ask how this NT8 is compared to other guideline rods. I have a bunch of Lpxe rods 13, 14, 15 ft and an LXI 13'9 10/11 which i like very much with heavy sinking triple d lines in nasty winter weather conditions...
  11. Classified Sales
    Brand new and unused on spool and boxed. LTS Triple Density looped shooting head 11 weight I/2/4 - ideal spring fishing - £25 - was £69 new
  12. Classified Sales
    LTS Triple Density Shooting Heads - 48g Int/S2/S4 - Hover/Int/S3 1 of each Brand New - Cost £69.99 plus postage - Bargain £35.00 each
  13. General Board
    Hi I am trying to get my head around Inty lines and sink rates etc. I have a Rio 8/9 full inty and I also have a triple density float - hover - inty in 8/9. Can anyone please tell me if the sink rates would be similar or even the same??? I have noticed that full inty lines are producing and it...
1-13 of 13 Results