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  1. Northern European Style Patterns
    Flies from the box, tied this time last year for a trip to a new river These didn't catch any fish on that trip, but neither did any other flies! :batty: ~3-4cm small copper conehead orange fox tail fiery brown fox tail copper flash blue saddle hackle JC
  2. General Board
    Hi guys I recently just joined due to boredom mostly lol. I thought Id make a thread to hear from other members what their first realistic fishing trip will be after the lockdown has ended. Ill start by saying I am hoping to get back out on the Deveron. Albeit I wont quite know where the fish...
  3. General Board
    Greetings and Happy 2020 to you all. I am in the process of planning a family trip to Eastern Canada for summer of 2020. Not certain which week yet but I am curious if any board members have experiences fishing the Gaspé region with family? I’m open to PEI and Nova Scotia as well. I’m open to...
  4. Fishing Videos
    Huge rainbow trout in Kamchatka! - YouTube
  5. Canadian Rivers
    Just a few pictures of our trip ...2 weeks of sheer bliss even if the fishing was hard. I could go on and with photos...a truly magical place to fish.
  6. General Board
    Anyone any experience of the lodges in Argentina, I may be in the market for a February trip but never even set foot on the continent.
  7. General Board
    Where is the best place to go for the best chance of a Salmon or five in the UK in late September? Thinking of a late season trip for a few days.
  8. Northern European Style Patterns
    Blue is a good colour for the Finnmark rivers. This is one for a trip up there in August. Colin.
  9. Picture Gallery
    Hi Everyone, A throwback from my last year's Autumn trip to the river Dee. It was good fishing for a change :D I hardly managed some photos as I would have rather kept fishing all the time.
  10. European Rivers
    I was speaking to a couple of guys recently who had been due to fish in Russia a fortnight ago , I believe the rivers where formerly run under the ASR , Ive forgotten there names , The reason the trip was cancelled was that the Russian military where carrying out manoeuvres in the region and...
  11. General Board
    While you were sorely missing me here I was away to the cabin doing the essential spring cleaning and land maintenance for a few days :) With a couple long days of cutting, more cutting, vacuuming and dock anchoring under my belt I wearily climbed into the ATEC for the long drive back to the...
  12. General Board
    Hi all, Just booked to fish the home beat at Darnaway in the last week of July. Has anybody fished it? What’s it like? Any hints and tips to help me get the maximum out of the trip. Obviously we will need a bit of help from the heavens ( rain )! All help will be much appreciated Many thanks
  13. Picture Gallery
    Wee trip over to arran yesterday thought I'd share a few pics.
  14. General Board
    Brace yourselves, summer is coming. Soon the rivers of Scandinavia and not only will be flooded with water flogging creatures chasing 50 shades of silver…. As I prepare for one of my trips, I decided to start a small discussion regarding how I prepare for the trip and what I usually take with...
  15. General Board
    At last the beginning of April and Big Brother, dogs & I piled into his car way too early on Sunday morning to begin the long trip north to the cottage for our, now annual, boys own trip to investigate the contents of the rivers Ness & Oich. We burst through the doors of John Norris in Penrith...
  16. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    The OTJ tied on Sean Stanton 10 mm brass Signature Tubes. A fly that has caught on the Usk.But proved it's self several years ago on the Whiteadder taken several early Springer s and some late fish. OTJ as my sister in law gives him One Trip Jim. Sewinfly...........
  17. European Rivers
    hello, I planned a road trip with Mrs Artza this summer (10 to 20 August 2019), and I would like to take advantage of my stay in this beautiful country to dip my flies on 1 to 2 fishing days, therefore I have to be efficient on these 2 days to try to catch the maximum of salmon. I am therefore...
  18. Picture Gallery
    Another great day out. The biggest of four steelhead caught on my trip out today.
  19. Picture Gallery
    If you don't want to come into contact with salmon teeth, you certainly want to stay clear of these. After the worst salmon season ever for most of us, it's great to get the adrenalin going again and find something that can put a bend in a rod. We've been trying to get a shark trip together in...
  20. General Board
    Winter is comming slowly in, so i thoght to share with you my salmon trip this year on Byske in Sweden. It was a lot of frustration, very low water, but in the end a revelating experience. I have tried to write a report as good as possible, with links regarding licenses, guiding, statistics and...
1-20 of 54 Results