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  1. General Board
    This is one for all you braid proponents and regular users. I saw this Berkley X9 on offer so bought a spool to fill my multiplier. I used the drop down box and selected 31lbs. What arrived was an exampleof the most confusing labeling ever.:( The diameter states 0.14mm which I thought was...
  2. General Board
    Just wondering what weight of smoked salmon you would expect back from a sealiced cock fish 7-8 lbs total weight. I received the package from a well known smokehouse north of Perth. There were 5 ?packets of fish and a small bag of trimmings as usual. The fish in the 5 packs weighed a total of 2...
  3. General Board
    A very detailed report on Salmon /Sea trout catches on Irish rivers this one is the latest 2017, 2018/19 not released yet . Off note quickly reading through it is the total salmon catch all methods for 2001 (259,475) down to (21,842) in 2017...
  4. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am selling some of my Flying C's which are of the highest quality & they are mostly all new having only sat in my lure box. 25 in Total. £27 Delivered
  5. Classified Sales
    Park North Aberdeenshire Dee Monday 11th Fed Hi folks. I currently have 2 rods booked this Monday and Tuesday on tye Dee at Park North but cant make it due to work commitments. Would prefer to sell the rods together for the total I paid for them of £140 for 2 rods for 2 days. Thanks in advance...
  6. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am having a tidy out & am Selling my Devons. Some are Used & some are New. Most of the devons are copper lined & some are wooden with copper lining 21 Devons in Total. £16 Delivered Now SOLD, Many Thanks, :)
  7. Classified Sales
    Hi, I am Selling some of my Salmon Spiners which are mostly used but some are new. 22 in Total Abu Tobies, Abu Koster, Blair Spoons, Tobies & other Lures. £20 Delivered Now SOLD. Many Thanks,:)
  8. North American Fly Patterns
    I havn,t been at the vice for a while so tied a few of these today for when this snow melts. Around 3 inches total length.
  9. Scottish Rivers
    The catch returns for the 2017 season have now been compiled. We would like to thank everyone for fishing with us during the 2017 season. On the river Forth there was a total of: Salmon - 106 Grilse - 48 Sea Trout - 19 On the river Teith there was a total of: Salmon - 54 Grilse - 4 Sea...
  10. General Board
    New for Autumn 2017 Total catch last week: 197 Salmon 13 Sea Trout Total caught so far this season: 5,223 Salmon and 1,592 Sea Trout
  11. General Board
    News of this outrage needs to be shared very widely. The industry is a total disgrace. Cypress Island Atlantic Salmon Spill on Vimeo 'Environmental Nightmare' After Thousands Of Atlantic Salmon Escape Fish Farm : The Salt : NPR
  12. General Board
    I use to read the forum to work out how and where to catch fish; I now read it to try and understand why I dont catch fish when I rarely bother to try. In that vein I have been doing the following: Following on from a recent thread which included a link to the EA 2016 Salmon and Seatrout catch...
  13. Hunting & Shooting
    Been busy at the roe last few months total 27 bucks some of the better ones
1-13 of 14 Results