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  1. General Board
    Hello, I would be grateful if any members could point me in the direction of any studies of C&R of Atlantic salmon which have shown it’s effect on population levels within a catchment. Ideally the studies would deal with C&R in isolation in order to discount the effects of other management tools...
  2. Swap Shop
    Scierra traxion 9/11 pouch box tools and paperwork swap for a reel suitable for my 10’ #3 What have you got
  3. Classified Sales
    Sorted this material and tools into a better sized box.. Had this on earlier.added a lot of hooks and a bigger box..still £50..but needs picked up.. ( SOLD )
  4. Classified Wanted
    Looking for any of his tools if anyone has any gathering dust ? Many Thanks Matt
1-4 of 4 Results