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  1. Picture Gallery
    Scunnered as I am and will continue to be in larger spadefuls until I can get a cast again----------at anything with fins, I had a look through some websites tonight. I came across this recent fish which looks an older fish to me. That's not what interested me though, it was the spat that has...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    STAY AT HOME I TOLD HIM DONT GO FISHING ,silly old coot would not listen
  3. Video Gallery
    Hello I am going to do some trolling this year and need advise on what tackle. I will be fishing on Faskally and Loch Tay mostly but probably on Loch Lomond as well. I have two Daiwa trolling reels and was wondering what kind of line to put on them? I have been told to use 25 lbs mono but that...
  4. General Board
    I was out today to leave tags back that I didn't use last year they told me only 3 tags is being issued for the whole season
  5. General Board
    Have always been a fan of JN, apart from their somewhat excessive postage costs. However a recent order has changed my views somewhat. On 15 September I ordered some polyleaders and a couple of shooting head wallets. Based on their delivery descriptions I opted for £6.95 postage (multiple...
  6. General Board
    having been told umpteen times the north sea nets are finished this year and we all can expect far bigger runs as a result, I thought I was seeing things when passing alnmouth bay and saw the same cobles fishing the same births as previous years, close to the shore where the salmon are well...
  7. General Board
    Hi guys, Needing advice again on what flies are best for this time of year, up until now have been using black and yellow brass monkey tubes and have been told I need to go deep. Mainly fish river Spey. Thanks.
  8. Fly Tying Topics
    I have just come across some stupendous saltwater flies tied with genuine Whiting Spey hackles. Can anybody tell me where you can find them and what sort of cost is involved. I was told up to 150 dollars a cape ! But I can’t find any in the UK....... Any pointers really appreciated.
  9. Scottish Rivers
    Hi there Was hoping for some advice tactic and gear-wise for the Border Esk or Annan. In specific the association waters (scottish) cannonbie for esk etc but any information about the rivers as a whole would be much appreciated. I'm looking to go down late June. Been told the esk in particular...
  10. General Board
    Hi I'm trying to identify a fly which I bought and lost recently. I believe it's a Willie Gunn variant with jungle cock and a loose gold tinsel body. Any ideas on the name / type. I was told its one of the Caledonian flies but cannot find it in there catalogue. Thanks
  11. General Board
    Had a 'run in' with a bunch of Kayakers this evening. Had no longer started fishing a pool low down on the River Don this evening when round the corner about 300 yds downstream 3 kayakers appeared. The paddled slowly up towards me. At this time I thought that there wouldn't be any problem as...
1-11 of 12 Results