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  1. Classified Wanted
    Hi I am looking for a set of medium MOW tips, please pm me with any details of set. many thanks Malc
  2. Classified Wanted
    Just wondering if anyone has one of these shooting head plus tips unused or with very light usage.thanks Richard.Now sorted thank you.
  3. Classified Sales
    Have the solabove line used one afternoon and lightly used set of tips £75posted pm for pics now sold thanks
  4. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Another fly with white wing tips.
  5. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    A variant of the Black Eagle pattern taken from the 'Farlows Salmon Flies' by Martin Lanigan-O'Keeffe. The wings suppose to have cinnamon tips which would match copper tinsel, unfortunately turkey cinnamon feathers from my stock have got quite damaged tips, so have decided to go with the white...
  6. Classified Sales
    I have the above line for sale with 2 addition tips. I weighed it, its 53grams Inc tip. Kit comes with floating head, float-int tip, s2/s3, tips plus 2 additional tips s3/4 and s6/7. Comes in original box and in excellent condition. Looking for £40 posted PayPal gift. Cheers andy
  7. Classified Sales
    I have for sale a Loop SDS multi tip kit. #9 Kit is the main floating line and the 3 tips supplied with the kit as well as 2 additional tips an intermediate and a slow sink. Kit without the 2 extra tips is £130 new. Perfect condition. I’m looking for £85 delivered. Cheers. SOLD
  8. Classified Wanted
    Has anyone got the above tips, looking for the mint green floater especially, bought the 480 grain head, and running line from a local dealer but unfortunately never got any matching tips and he won't break another set for tips. Thanks.
  9. Classified Sales
    Brand new, still boxed, never taken off spool with tips & tip wallet. Bought but not required *SOLD*
  10. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi Short Versi Tip. Short Shooting Head and set of 10ft tips. 9 weight Floating head. Set f 4 x 10ft tips - floating, intermediate, slow and fast sinking 33ft/ 10m 550grains/ 35.7 grams Front loop is cut off (see photo below). This can be sorting with braided loop. Posted in UK for £25.
  11. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    The simpler the fly... the harder it is to get "right"..any part that's even only slightly out of proportion becomes glaringly obvious. I should have spent more time on the bucktail tips and wing lay but's Mk1:lol: Been a long long time since one of these has been on a cast of mine...
  12. Classified Sales
    Brand new, still boxed, never taken off spool with tips & tip wallet. Bought but not required SOLD
  13. Classified Sales
    I have a number of Monteith Multi main lines in 9/10 sinking and 10/11 floating. I bought them when Jock sold them off for the tips which I have long since distributed. Anyone interested, just add your own tips. £12 posted each line on original spool and box.
  14. Shooting Heads
    Eh up folks, any one any experience of the aforementioned shooting head system from Hardy?. In particular the tips them selves-I understand they're 12ft in length, and in particular the float/hover tip, whats the sink rate at the tip actually like?. Thanks if you can help.Pedro.
  15. Classified Sales
    Line is still boxed comes with 4 airflo tips and wallet Used very lightly. £20 posted SOLDDDDD
  16. Lines
    Santa is coming and I need to tell him (her) what to get. I'm looking for a multi-tip shooting head kit of around 34-38g in total weight for use on 13'6" B&W Walker 8-weight and Meiser MKS 7/8 weight rods. I know the weight range will work on both of these rods. I've looked at the specs for...
  17. General Board
    I’ve got this line for my 15fter as a full kit and I love it, now I’m after the same line for my 13fter but just the shooting head, not the running line or tips so does anyone know if it’s possible just to buy the shooting head and would I be able to use the Versi tips from my 10/11# on a 8# for...
  18. General Board
    Do you get tapered T tips in 15ft lengths ? I know the mow tips are tapered and they only got to 12.5ft . Actually are there full t tips tapered i know the ones with a floating section are but now i think about it are the full length Tungsten mow tips tapered ? In your opinion would a tapered T...
  19. Classified Wanted
    If anyone has T Tips in any of the above sinking rates please give me a pm. Thanks Richard
  20. River Dee
    Hi there, My other half has booked us a week in Ballater in Feb. I can bring my gear so Im after a few days on the river. Any tips for where to go n what flies etc. Ta, Matthew
1-20 of 142 Results