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  1. Rookies Corner
    What tippet material do people use? Interested in length and breaking strain. Is fluorocarbon the best option?
  2. Methods and Tactics
    Is here anybody who use this shooting head? Do you use tapered polyleaders or only mono tippet with this head? Many thanks.
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    So after a couple of attempts I created a body that I like last night going from photo 1 to photo 2 with smaller wing area and slightly shorter throat. I also didn't like the flattened body hackle and so on advice stood it back up. I'm not sure about the wing though. Should the built wing...
  4. General Board
    It must be very confusing for the beginner when the length of mono attached to the fly is referred to as the leader by some experienced anglers and as the tippet by others. e.g. If it is a PolyLEADER then what is the length of mono attached to it which terminates in a fly? To me it is the...
  5. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    3 Shrimps with tippet wings. L-R Golden Shrimp style, Silver Doctor style and a Helmsdale G.P. All on Patriot #10s.
  6. General Board
    Hi, being pretty new to fly fishing, just wondered what everybody's preferred choice for tippet is. Cheers
  7. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Silver Grey 2/0 This is the Kelson pattern from Cholmondley Pennell (1885) - definitely my favourite version (possibly aside from the version with summer duck sides and no JC) - the silver pheasant much more appropriate to the silvery character than the usual tippet. Used antique embossed for...
  8. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Easily the prettiest of all classic salmon flies IMO - first time I've tied it 'properly' - I dyed up some proper natural blue badger olive specially for the body hackle. One of my absolute favourite patterns and this is my favourite tying that I've done of of it - could perhaps have showed more...
  9. General Board
    Realise there are a fair few posts on people's preferred configuration of polyleaders and tippets, so apologies for raising this topic again, but I am still unsure whether I should use a polyleader together with a tapered leader or should I just attach a straight piece of tippet material to the...
  10. General Board
    Recently returned to flyfishing after a layoff of about 10 years, previously I did little else for about 25 years. This time I'm concentrating on Sea Trout and Salmon, stocked Trout no longer have any appeal. Lots of new flies and gadgets have appeared. Tippet rings seem to be an excellent...
  11. General Board
    Hi guys would like to know your thoughts on the best tippet , I use seaguar mostly myself but it's expensive,
  12. English Rivers
    This has probobly been done before, but what is everybody's choice of tippet line.
  13. Fly Tying Topics
    Is tippet a thing of the past , apart from a GP fly (which itself you seldom here talked of ), is anyone still using it , I've seen where tippet was being wound on as a hackle , but about from that,....... I have two nice tippet and crests , lying in my tying drawer that I seldom go near, Anyone...
  14. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Wan from the last time I tied
  15. Rookies Corner
    When using polyleaders....are they designed to attach the fly at the end which is tippet? Or do i need to add some more length of tippet line to it? Not too sure as im new to using them.
  16. General Board
    Folks, I suppose this topic has been covered extensively but I have created two wee films of underwater footage of three different lines in both dull overcast conditions and also bright sunny conditions. The lines were filmed from side on and also from underneath, in both cases against an open...
1-16 of 16 Results