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  1. Skagit Lines
    Hi,could you help me with connection of custom intermediate sink tip to skagit line, please? Will I have a problem with energy transition from skagit line to custom intermediate sink tip, when sink tip is ended with greys braided loop (end of sink tip, which is attached to skagit line)? Please...
  2. Classified Sales
    LTS ScS Lines SOLD LTS ScS lines new in boxes 9/10 blue with floating tip £55 LTS wallet with tips intermediate s2 s4 s6 sink8 £60 all plus postage ALL SOLD
  3. Classified Sales
    (SOLD)Vision Ace Skagit Head floating, with T-14 Tip and Floating Tip - all new Hi, I have this set for sale: Vision Ace Skagit Head floating, with T-14 Tip and Floating Tip - all new - Vision Ace Skagit Head: floating, 490grain/31gr, 24ft/7,3m - Vision Ace T-14 Tip, 12,5ft - Vision Ace...
  4. Shooting Heads
    Hello, I can't find 20 'tips for a rio unispey versitip shoot; Do you have an idea ? use a 15 'tip doesn't it risk to change the balance .
  5. Classified Sales
    Above line in as new condition never fished, one tip has been used on another line. In original box with tip wallet. No spool. Looking for £35 posted. PayPal gift. sold Cheers andy
  6. Classified Sales
    I have the above line for sale with 2 addition tips. I weighed it, its 53grams Inc tip. Kit comes with floating head, float-int tip, s2/s3, tips plus 2 additional tips s3/4 and s6/7. Comes in original box and in excellent condition. Looking for £40 posted PayPal gift. Cheers andy
  7. Classified Sales
    I have for sale a Loop SDS multi tip kit. #9 Kit is the main floating line and the 3 tips supplied with the kit as well as 2 additional tips an intermediate and a slow sink. Kit without the 2 extra tips is £130 new. Perfect condition. I’m looking for £85 delivered. Cheers. SOLD
  8. General Board
    Are there any decent multi tip scandi fly lines out there? I am looking something which goes down to a sink 3 or sink 5, but with an interchangeable tip to change it to a full floater etc. I am not looking a Skagit Kit as I am not a fan of waterbourne anchor casts. So please! Any good scandi...
  9. Classified Sales
    Brand new, still boxed, never taken off spool with tips & tip wallet. Bought but not required *SOLD*
  10. Lines
    Hi all, I will be fishing the East Ranga in July with 14' 9# (Turner & Turner) and 15' 10# (Fulling Mill) rods. The advice in the booking information says "Given the nature of the river we recommend that you take at least an intermediate line and a sink tip. Fully sinking lines can be useful on...
  11. Rods
    Does anyone know anything about this Icelandic rod? The company has stopped trading apparently, and I have the opportunity to buy one of these 13' rods cheaply - It comes with 2 tip sections, & feels as though it might be just the job for the smaller river and summer salmon.
  12. Classified Wanted
    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me find a tip section for the following rod? GREYS XF2 Streamflex 10 foot #4 four piece rod I've contacted Greys but they no longer have any in stock. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  13. General Board
    I’m after acquiring the above line . 460gr 30g. Just wondering is it suitable for the 12 ‘ cross s1 and will i need a tip with it or can i attach the leader straight to it
  14. Classified Sales
    Brand new, still boxed, never taken off spool with tips & tip wallet. Bought but not required SOLD
  15. Lines
    Hi all, I may be missing something here... but I just loaded the above line onto a reel and noticed there is no colour change from the integrated running line to the head? There is a change from the head to sink tip but that is all. A quick google and the video by Shakespeare states there is a...
  16. Shooting Heads
    Eh up folks, any one any experience of the aforementioned shooting head system from Hardy?. In particular the tips them selves-I understand they're 12ft in length, and in particular the float/hover tip, whats the sink rate at the tip actually like?. Thanks if you can help.Pedro.
  17. Classified Sales
    I have the above floating head in #11 45g/694gr used once with a brand new float hover tip to match £45 posted can send pics if reqd. Sold thanks
  18. Swap Shop
    I have the above floating head used one day and a float hover tip unused looking to swap for a Rio skagit max long in 575grain in same condition cheers Craig
  19. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap a lightly used Hardy Mach multitip 10/11 with the 3 tip in wallet, lines spooled but no box Looking for either same line in 9/10 or a 9/10 multi tip shooting head / kit LINE GONE THANKS Cheers Steve
1-19 of 119 Results