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  1. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied a few of these yesterday. Could of done with tying the tail down somewhat. But sure when you add water it might help.
  2. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    One I've not tied before or fished, but I like it.
  3. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Nothing new and I know I've posted it before but anyway! I first tied this fly in the late 1990's or very early 2000's. I tied it as an Irish version of the Kylie shrimp that was very popular in Trout & Salmon and other fishing magazines at the time. I was looking through some of my old...
  4. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A McCormicks shrimp tied with a red front hackle instead of orange.
  5. Feather Wing Patterns
    A few perennial favourites, T&L, Dunkeld, Kingfisher Butcher and a copper March Brown. Tied on B175 in #10,12 and 14, with a couple of #14 Magnis thrown in for good measure. None of these are a patch on the wonderful flies tied by Hollywood in his long running thread.
  6. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied this yesterday on a bit of a whim! Not sure why really but it turned out OK.
  7. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied in the Flamethrower style.
  8. Fly Swaps
    Right guys I hope after the success of the last swap we could try again? as it's well into April and there a lot going on just now extending it into May seems sensible usual rules apply and feel free to chuck a few in for an auction as the pile is building up nicely just to recap X amount of...
  9. Patterns for other species
    But is it a catcher? Lol Wee bit of fun, had tied this for totm. Thought I'd share.
  10. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Tied these for fishing when we get to go back out again ??
  11. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Tied on 1/0
  12. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A pattern that got me 3 fish last season. 2 grilse in a size 12 version and a 14lb March srpringer tied on a 1 1/4" copper tube.
  13. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    A proper GEORGIAN salmon fly tied in hand... Perhaps the ugliest fly I've tied. The hook is about 2 1/2 inches - 3 inches was specified but I didn't have a big enough age appropriate ugly hook. Dx
  14. Step by Step
    Hi All, Here's a quick SBS for the sparkly junction piggy - this is smaller than the one I tied earlier. Forgive the 'one picture for everything' - SFF isn't the best upload tool - so I snipped onto a single powerpoint slide and then converted to jpg. You can use free swing - or you could add...
  15. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    From a fly belonging to Willie Mair have tied this before (with a silk body) but fancied doing it again. Dx
  16. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Tied this last nite, not sure size of hook buts its big ?,
  17. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Nothing too complicated for a Sunday morning. A yellow and gold shrimp, tied with solar flare tail.
  18. Feather Wing Patterns
    Was planning to open my fishing season today, but overnight rain has raised the river so much that I've changed my plans and tied this fella. Triple palmering hackle can test nerves...
  19. Northern European Style Patterns
    Taking my que from Andrzej and his color combinations I spotted recently I've made these 2 and will refine the look with a few more. Tied on Pro Sportfisher micro tubes with a short clear hook holder behind, only the small cone as weight.
1-20 of 146 Results