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  1. Picture Gallery
    My dad managed this stunning 9lb fish on the River Thurso yesterday. Great timing before the lockdown
  2. General Board
    The first fish came off the Thurso this morning from the Gerston Pool on beat 4 weighing 11lb and was caught by a visiting angler. Lovely looking fish going by the picture.
  3. A9

    General Board
    Am travelling up over the weekend to fish the Thurso next week. How is the A9 these days?
  4. Picture Gallery
    12 lb, one of the most perfect fish I have ever seen.
  5. Scottish Rivers
    Surprising to see that a new thread has yet to be started for the Thurso, so here we go! Seems to have been a steady start to the season, but with 2 fish landed yesterday - one on B3 and one on B13 - it seems they are pretty well spread through the system, and on their way in. Tight lines to...
  6. Scottish Rivers
    The first fish came off the Thurso on Saturday afternoon. It was taken low down on beat 3 with good river conditions and weighed 7lb. Only a small fish but that's them starting to show now.
  7. Fishing Videos
    Salmon Fishing on the River Thurso - YouTube A new video of fishing on the Thurso. Regular Thurso fishers will see a few familiar faces.
  8. Scottish Rivers
    Thurso River opened today (11th) with the first cast just below the bridge at Halkirk. Plenty of the well known faces gathered for the toast to the river on the bank of the Comlifoot Pool then the first cast was sent out. Shortly after we headed back to the Ulbster Arms hotel for a bacon roll...
  9. General Board
    Was looking at the Thurso site and saw a picture of a sand bar below Loch More that the photographer said had a kelt swimming around on top of it. It reminded me of catching a kelt in late July in a place called Rattling Brook near the mouth of the Big River in Labrador. The kelt was in a...
  10. General Board
    The River Finn in Ireland is situated in County Donegal and drains into Lough Foyle , this is a truly spate river , and perhaps as such is one of the hardest to get right , but get it on the right conditions and id say it would hold its own with any river in UK / Ireland . Allowing for the...
  11. Angling Literature Section
    Received notification today that " The History of Salmon Fishing on the River Thurso" by regular Thurso rod , Malcolm Dutchman -Smith is now available from Medlar Press at £25 plus postage . Looking forward to getting my copy , hopefully it's a good read for those who fish the river or are...
  12. General Board
    Morning chaps & ladies. Wondered if anyone knows if it's possible to fish the Thurso and to rent a cottage self catering etc or is it all through the Ulbster Arms(?)? Always wanted to fish the Thurso but much prefer self catering (unsocial old sod) I understand a lot of people are wanting to...
  13. General Board
    HI guys Fishing the Thurso next week for three days Monday to Wednesday, never fished up there before and just wanted general advice about fishing the river in September. I know Heather point is up there this week and the catches have been excellent with the high water but any tips and pointers...
  14. General Board
    I see the rods on the Thurso managed 47 today now they have some water. Seems like not a bad days fishing. Guess where I am going next week!!
  15. Scottish Rivers
    The Thurso was in big demand for 2017, after a few good weeks fishing during 2016, I'd be interested to hear from those returning rods , and also those fishing it for the first time on how your trip went this year.
  16. General Board
    I am having a few days up on the helmsdale last week in July as was going to have a session or two up on the thurso. I havent fished there and was wondering where to fish and what time before/after the tides are thought to be more productive. Cheers
  17. General Board
    Just back from a week on the Thurso - slow start with a low river but a deluge on Tuesday put the river up 70 inches which is the biggest June flood in over 20 years. This put the fishing out for a couple of days but Friday saw the river slowly dropping and fish starting to appear. Over Friday...
  18. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Seaman shrimp Last year someone asked me would i tie him some of the patterns i use on the Thurso , Helmsdale Borgi rivers as he had a trip booked to the Thurso in the summer , i tied him some of my most successful flies but i also tied a few of these, he messaged me then after a day on beat 9...
  19. Scottish Rivers
    Hello all, Last summer i fished the bottom of the River Naver, below the bridge with a permit from a local shop. Since then i've bought a vw campervan and this summer i'd like to head back up and stay for a week and try the other estuaries e.g Halladale, Thurso, Hope/Strathmore. I enjoy estuary...
1-19 of 19 Results