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  1. New Member Introductions
    Not exactly a new member, just getting back after a year or so away. Health up and down but better now(ish) thought I`d return to annoy you again :thumb:
  2. General Board
    Nice to see Rio ditching the cardboard box and plastic spool for their shooting heads. :thumb: ‘Now they just need to find a substitute for the ziploc placcy bag.
  3. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Another fly from, great website :thumb:
  4. River Tweed Reports & News
    I don't see a thread for the new season so thought I'd get the ball rolling Looking at the catches on pi sh pal and tweedbeats there's 3 fish on the cards for opening day.. 1 for lower floors, 1 for U N Wark and 1 for hendersyde, well done to their captors :thumb: Tightlines to all who grace...
  5. General Board
    As per the title, what's a good line for this rod? Loop Cross S1 13' #8 Cheers :thumb:
  6. General Board
    Please to see a good few rivers have been lifted to Cat 1 :thumb:, Ness, Alness ,North Esk ,Beauly etc to mention but a few. Salmon Conservation Regulations
  7. Spinning
    I've read a few old threads on Rapala's saying that basically the hooks are gash and they should be replaced. Is this still the case? I've just got some F11's and I'm going to get some CD7 & 9's so would rather buy a bulk of hooks if I need them. Thanks in advance. :thumb:
  8. General Board
    Fair EA rod licensing Coarse licence is £30 fishing up to 2 rods , so £30 x 2 @£60 :thumb: Then, how about ? Reduce The salmon licence £82 to £60 :thumb: Concessionary £54 to £30 :thumb: This would still increase income for the EA by a very large margin , as there are far more coarse...
  9. General Board
    Just wishing everybody who are venturing out tomorrow a great day with plenty of Big Boys(fish that is) on the end of their lines :thumb: Hope there are some good posts on here tomorrow night and tight Lines everybody:) Later Mick
  10. General Board
    Just a little rant!!! While out practicing my forward cast today I noticed that if I held the top of my rod with the thumb on the top of the cork I was much more inclined to use more top hand. Wrapping my first finger and thumb round the cork in a loop stopped me from pushing the rod with my...
1-10 of 10 Results