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  1. General Board
    What’s your thoughts on this one.
  2. General Board
    Has anyone bought the new X7 in the 12:6 and what’s your honest thoughts on it compared to the S1
  3. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Thoughts on this one please guys
  4. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I mentioned to JS that I would try a black wing in the previous post. Here it is and any thoughts?
  5. General Board
    Keep getting these popping up on my facepuke page. World's Most Comfortable Waders - iWader They sound good, but ain't ever even heard of the brand before. Any thought's/ input folks?
  6. English Rivers
    Hi Guys, me and my buddy are thinking of having a trip to the Eden in a fortnight or so. Does anyone have any thoughts on a good day ticket stretch for fly fishing. Many thanks, in advance...
  7. General Board
    This was one of the thoughts when [email protected] was first brought in to save the spring stock. No fished to be killed before 1st April. The thinking on this was thoughts that springer spawned with springer. Well from a grilse being caught and tagged on the Dee, in August, then the same fish caught as a...
  8. General Board
    Hi, just wondered if anybody has tried the new Loop Q series reels and what are there thoughts on them, thinking about getting one. Cheers
  9. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Tied up two Green Holographic Cascades one with cock hackles and one with hen hackles,I prefer to use cock hackles myself because they don't collapse the way hen hackles do. What's your thoughts?
  10. Fishing Clothing
    Hi looking for a new pair of breathable bootfoots, was thinking orvis encounter or maybe snowbee stx? Any thoughts on these or any other suggestions, thanks neil
  11. General Board
    I am on the look out for new waders soon, does anyone have any experience or thoughts on these waders especially zippered ones ? Or at that the Hodgmans ?
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    as title , give us your thoughts on who really is or was world class and your reasons
  13. Shooting Heads
    Has anone used the new Mackenzie Phased 5 Multi-Tip Shooting Head Lines yet & if so what are your thoughts on them. Thanks in advance, Lurig, :)
  14. General Board
    Well any body got any thoughts on how good this will be over the go pro 5 or 6 is it worth the coin
  15. Rods
    How many of you folk use LTS rods , never see many secondhand up for sale, , anyone use them and what’s your thoughts on them
  16. News & Features
    Hi just wondering about fishing a full floater in a spate what are your thoughts
  17. Rods
    A typical rod manufacturer's range goes from 15ft -> 14ft -> 13ft. The skips 12ft and straight to 11ft switch rods. Then to shorter single handers. I have been looking for a 12ft scandi style rod for shooting head work. There is very little to choose from. This lenght would be my preference for...
  18. General Board
    Eeek, Think I might know most folks thoughts so far on this season. Iv heard , with sea changing, and fish traveling further, might be one reason they not here. Heard big floods few years ago, killed lot the smolt run. It goes on. Not trying be smart here, but what the general thoughts on whats...
  19. General Board
    I wonder how many Spring Salmon are mistaking for returning fish ?What’s your thoughts on this one ?caught on the Nith yesterday and returned safely .
  20. General Board
    Anybody have or had any of the Taimem wading jackets , what’s your thoughts on them , thanks
1-20 of 30 Results