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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Looking for help on this. Could someone recommend a hackle type that Frodin uses in his samurai patterns please? Am I right in thinking it is a soft hen saddle is what he uses in the front?
  2. Fly Tying Topics
    Sorry if this has been covered recently, me and the search buttons aren't getting on! ? The last doubles I purchased were Patriot, what else is out there worth looking at, am I right in thinking that no supplier really stands out when it comes to price. Not keen on low water stuff. I see Mustad...
  3. General Board
    Hi looking for to find what the fishing is like on little leny and Balvig was thinking of giving it a go this season
  4. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Hi anyone using the above make of jacket. ,what’s your reviews on them and what they like for sizing. Thinking on getting 1
  5. General Board
    Sunray lines Seen these lines advertised on facebook has anyone used these and if so what's your thoughts please, I was thinking of one for a 10' trout rod I have, Thanks Ian
  6. General Board
    I am looking to fill a reel approx size of loop classic 9/11 for Chinook fishing and have been advised 40lb braid is suffice. I am looking for suggestions of reasonably priced backing approx 250/300yds. I was thinking about power pro but have not used that as a backing before..
  7. Jackets
    Thinking of buying one of these jackets What's your experience if any of this jacket. A
  8. General Board
    Where is the best place to go for the best chance of a Salmon or five in the UK in late September? Thinking of a late season trip for a few days.
  9. Classified Wanted
    Loop Classic 8/11 or 7-9 LHW Thinking about the above reel, please let me know what you have. Still after the above please, anyone interested in selling? Thanks
  10. Others
    I am thinking about buying a 13ft 7/8 or a 13ft 8/9 Gaelforce Equalizer and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on either rod. I have a 13ft 8wt Marksman T and a 13ft B&W Norway 7/9 and was thinking that they might be too similar to make it worth changing?
  11. Guideline
    Guys, Has anyone any experience of the NT8 12ft 9in 8/9 weight? I have some money burning a hole in my pocket and what with the rivers being quite low, I am thinking about getting a lightweight shooting head rod and these look like they fit the bill.
  12. Trout Fishing
    Hi all, Just looking for a quick bit of advice. Me and my dad are thinking of doing a bit if trout fishing on the clyde this weekend. I thought i would post on here and see if anyone could give me any advice? Is it worth trying for the brown trout at this time of year on the clyde? I'm...
  13. General Board
    I'm wanting to prepare a bit better with my lunch/food. I normally wrap up go to a local cafe etc. But fancy having that stash that i can call on if I want to fish on. Probably be in the car over the weekend so was thinking cheese, crackers salami ? What do you guys do? No fancy huts to cook or...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    The snow sock / chains thread has got me thinking. In this country , is it really worth having both winter and summer sets of tyres ? Or is set of good quality all season tyres a decent compromise in our climate ? Thinking about a set of these for my new jalopy vrmmmmmmmmmm...
  15. General Board
    Hi, just wondered if anybody has tried the new Loop Q series reels and what are there thoughts on them, thinking about getting one. Cheers
  16. General Board
    Can anyone explain the benefit of using MOW tips, as opposed to using a 15ft versitip or cut to length t-tip? Specifically thinking for use with an iFlight (skagit head with integrated intermediate section). Cheers, EJR
  17. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Gents I'm planning to visit Connemara next may and hope to fish the loughs for brown trout with an eye to a chance of sea-trout or salmon if the opportunity arises. Would Galway itself be a good place to base ourselves? Having read a little on the waters I was thinking somewhere a little...
  18. Rookies Corner
    HI, I am a bit of a rookie trying to get my first rod and reel and line chosen, wouldn't mind some advice. Everyone I ask seems to have a different opinion! Don't want to spend a fortune yet either, I think santa is getting the reel and line. Most of my fishing will be West of Ireland. I bought...
  19. Scottish Rivers
    Hi all, thinking about heading to the Brora next season , any Information floating about out there?
  20. General Board
    Looking for a mid section for this great rod Was a 3 piece but now a 4. Had a repair done on it but just not confident to use it Was also thinking could it be shortened and a new female ferrule slotted in making 11ft instead of 12ft. Anyone ??
1-20 of 52 Results