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  1. Northern European Style Patterns
    I'm told to have lots of this pattern so I'm about making all sorts ranging from Sncndi styled to more traditional types. Perhaps a bit full this one but with the waters covered with ice currently I'll make them both thick and thin and then have a look at how they swim when the thaw comes. I...
  2. General Board
    Going to get some for fishing the dry flee up on the hill lochs. Any recommendations best one to go for have heard some are very brittle snap easily due to them being so thin.
  3. General Board
    Due to the amount of salmon escapees and their interbreeding with out native fish I think it appropriate we match the hatch.
  4. Picture Gallery
    Having dodged the wintery bullet the last few years mother nature appears to have got her "eye in" and has scored a direct hit this time around, indeed it is very pretty to look at but the joke is wearing a bit thin now and I want to go out :mad: Anyway here's a couple of pics of "the hood" as...
  5. Picture Gallery
    Any experts out there that can identify the damage marks on this salmon? Apart from the scarring on the body there is thin cut mark from the behind the top of the head downwards to behind the gill. Thought seal at first as they are present in the river. Then thought could it be a dolphin /...
1-5 of 5 Results