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  1. Fly Swaps
    Right guys I hope after the success of the last swap we could try again? as it's well into April and there a lot going on just now extending it into May seems sensible usual rules apply and feel free to chuck a few in for an auction as the pile is building up nicely just to recap X amount of...
  2. Fly Swaps
    As there is alot of nice flies going up at the moment what do you guys say to attempting a revival of the once popular fly swap? From memory it's best capped at 10 members im happy to organise themes if we get interest same format as previous but if you are a new to the swaps you are...
  3. Tie of the month
    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the final round of the Speybrothers 2019 Tie of the Month Competition - Tie of the Year. I would like everyone to cast their eyes over all the winners from the Speybrothers 2019 Tie of the Month Competition rounds and vote for your favourite winner. Remember...
  4. Tie of the month
    Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the final poll of the 2018 Tie of the Month Competition This poll is to decide the 'Fly of the Year'. Please take a look at the winners from all of our competitions from February through November 2018, then cast your vote. The winner will get double points...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Got asked to do some halloween make up for one of the girls in our house came up with this burn theme happy Halloween:p
  6. General Board
    A short post to draw your attention to the Tie of The Month Competition. Firstly, please take a couple of minutes to cast your eye over the August Competition entrants and cast your vote on the poll. The theme was Scottish Shrimps, there's a couple of stand out contenders but every fly looks...
1-6 of 6 Results