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  1. General Board
    Well, pretty well most of us are done for the year now with the pursuit of Salar. Gears packed away(er, well, maybe, sort of,lol), boredom and that stir crazy feeling are quite a ways off yet and we've probably got a warm rosy retrospective glow of success to look back fondly over(all right...
  2. General Board
    Hi all, I'm going to be in Scotland for work (Edinburgh) at the end of July with two days spare for fishing. Happy to drive for up to 3hrs and pay up to around £150 per day. I have very little experience of Salmon fishing - especially north of the border and wonder if I could tap your...
  3. Rods
    Anyone know which Greys rods replaced the X-flite range, and if so which rod would be most similar in terms of action to my 13ft #8? Xf2 S? Xf2 T?
  4. Ebay Bargains
    Like almost every subscriber to SFF I see this mass of Ebay adverts clutter up the pages. And it has got me wondering what advertisers/sellers mean by "vintage", and whether they genuinely receive a benefit from what I suspect is complete over-kill in terms of the description. Specifically...
  5. General Board
    Has anyone any information on the above rod and how would they rate it in terms of performance . Cheers.
  6. Reels
    Does anyone here actually fish with a Silex (as opposed to have one in a collection and gaze at it)? If so, do you use it for spinning or (and?) as a fly reel? It looks big enough in terms of drum size. I am interested to know if the reel has any versatility in that respect (in a rather retro...
1-6 of 6 Results