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  1. Picture Gallery
    The Teith rose 2ft + overnight to a raging silty maelstrom this morning but settling somewhat in the afternoon. so, for the 3rd Wednesday running, the river was well out of order. Still and all, the Good Lord loves a trier and with a river impossible to wade for the most part, and certainly...
  2. Favourite Beats & Rivers
    Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice. Next season will be my first going after salmon. I live in Glasgow, can anyone recommend the best way to get started. Get a season permit on a fairly local river like the Clyde or Teith or go for day tickets on different rivers when the conditions are right...
  3. Video Gallery
    Has anyone fished the teith lately just looking for some info on water clarity seems a bit coloured lately also what’s a good height for it around Callander Thanks
  4. Picture Gallery
    Proof that there are actually fish in the Teith this season at long last.:thumb::thumb::nod::nod:
  5. Scottish Rivers
    Any news on these rivers, following the rise in water?
  6. Scottish Rivers
    Hi im looking to fish at the teith at lanrick , can anyone recommend what beat is better fishing , upper or lower ? Thanks
  7. Picture Gallery
    Perfect antidote to the Spring salmon blues. Not for everybody but------------------------ 20 including this 10lbr (all returned) keeping me amused and the rod bent constantly.:thumb: No moans about fish on the grass please, they were all quite happy to swim away. Back to thrashing the Teith...
  8. General Board
    Just a little addition to our fishing for this year it Has been decided to add the Stirling Council Fishings on the rivers forth and teith once again A great chance for anglers who don't always want To fish the Tay to stop off in Stirling for a cast or Nip up to callander for a shot on the more...
  9. Scottish Rivers
    Just found out the details. All as below.
  10. Scottish Rivers
    Hi all, river teith in October, any opinions on the best beat?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello Calvin young season ticket holder on river teith and forth
  12. Scottish Rivers
    anything happening on the teith at present
  13. Scottish Rivers
    Tight lines to all out on Thursday and beyond....pic attached from earlier in week. Riverhouse Run from Bridge of Teith downstream to the Castle..
  14. Scottish Rivers
    Anything happening at callander or the forth
  15. Picture Gallery
    Not a typical Teith fish quite slim but covered in lice. Thought it was considerably bigger as every time I applied some pressure it shot off into deeper water. Was about 8lb. Turns out was hooked in the tongue which might explain its behaviour. Recovered ok though and heading for Callander..
  16. Vendor Deals
    We have received the Stirling Fisheries season permits for the 2016 season today. Please have a look here for prices, what you need to provide to apply for a permit, where you can fish and more...
  17. Vendor Deals
    Details here of the opening day for the opening of the Teith and Forth Stirling Council Fisheries:
1-18 of 18 Results