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  1. English Rivers
    Well Happy New Year to all my fellow Tees anglers. I hope you've all had a great festive period and are all itching to get back on the water! Hopefully we can continue to have your support in rectifying the issues surrounding the Barrage. Tight lines everyone.
  2. General Board
    Hello all, I would like to ask for your support with our petition to resolve the current issues with the Tees Barrage. Many people will be familiar with the state of affairs there & it's frustrated many over the years. Myself & Steve (Stivy) have got to a point now where we are in need of...
  3. Picture Gallery
    Evening folks, does anyone on here have any info about fishing the Tees at Whorlton where the falls are just under the bridge? Always fancied a cast there (despite the low salmon numbers in the Tees). Cheers
  4. English Rivers
    Well someone has to get 2019 up and running. Working on some new variant patterns, I had no firm idea in mind when I started this, it ended up as a kind of Blue Charm Variant, retaining only the wing and hackle of the original. I used dyed blue squirrel tail, for the tail. Holographic gold...
  5. Spinning
    After having a few years of from fishing the river tees l am hope to fish it next season, my question is the rapalas in fire tiger out fishes every other colour on the river wear when it's running some extra water anyone tried them on the tees or do other colour or lures work better Thanks rob
  6. General Board
    Hi I am new the the forum so please bare with me not really sure if I am doing this properly but here goes, I had fished the river tees at snowhall for quite a number of years for the salmon and always managed a couple every season, would really like to have a go for the salmon there next...
  7. General Board
    To try to prove if there are any salmon in the river... Tees Salmon Fishing Weekend
  8. English Rivers
    Check out 'river tees trust'. Salmon fishing is free this weekend but you need to register. Tees Salmon Fishing Weekend
  9. General Board
    Some members on here that talk about nowt but free fishing and fishing below "easy" Weirs or Barrages :bored:, seldom Hexham Weir and Wylam Weir, but constantly Durham Weirs, Tees Barrage , daily , all on Tyne, Wear Tees 2018 threads ,:tongue: It would be a good idea if you could you not...
  10. English Rivers
    Well it's that time for a new thread, so here we go... Hopefully we can keep the focus on the Tees this year. We've had a lot of good debates and interest in the issues with the Tees this past year and I'd like to think we can carry that going forward. The counter never makes the Tees look...
  11. Picture Gallery
    One of a number Pictures taken on July 7th at the Tees Barrage.
  12. Rookies Corner
    Can anybody tell me how much is the day ticket for the Gainford Tees stretch.I presume this is the church owned stretch or is it as i googled it a house called river cottage nearby came up they said to fish there stretch you needed a permit from the post office .:confused:
  13. English Rivers
    Could anybody tell me if Broken scar on the Tees is free fishing or is it only for Darlo residents.
1-13 of 13 Results