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  1. Methods and Tactics
    Is here anybody who use this shooting head? Do you use tapered polyleaders or only mono tippet with this head? Many thanks.
  2. Methods and Tactics
    I have been considering trying out tapered leaders for salmon fishing (Fluorocarbon / Nylon). Just wondering does anyone have any experience of this and if so what do you think about the method ?
  3. General Board
    Do you get tapered T tips in 15ft lengths ? I know the mow tips are tapered and they only got to 12.5ft . Actually are there full t tips tapered i know the ones with a floating section are but now i think about it are the full length Tungsten mow tips tapered ? In your opinion would a tapered T...
  4. General Board
    I was hoping someone would give me advise on using tapered leaders. I currently use 15lb straight through and thought it may improve my presentation. Never used one before and not sure how to get the best out of them. sort of things i'm not sure about. Which make would you recommend Do I add a...
  5. Lines
    For a few years now I've been using shop bought tapered leaders as a part of my end set up(when I don't need Polys that is!) and I've been buying mine from the 'tinter web from Best City Tackle in Notts.3 12ft tapered leaders with a B.S. of 15.5lb comes in at £6.99.I chop them down to 10ft from...
  6. General Board
    For a while now, been using various tapered leaders in my Salmon fishing.The bain perhaps in their use is how one fix's the leader to the fly line.The knot formed in making a loop is always a concern,so is the damage that can be inflicted by the nylon loop on pre formed fly line loops. Now seen...
  7. Other Tackle
    With the low, clear water conditions this year, I was wondering if I would have been better using a Riverge Tapered Flourocarbon leader (for its underwater invisibility), as opposed to a standard polyleader? Does anybody sense they have spooked less fish using this method? Would this be...
  8. General Board
    Does anyone know where I could get some 'Bass Tapered Leaders'? Whilst trout fishing a couple of weeks ago, I met a chap who uses these leaders. He said they are around 15 foot long & you just cut out the leader length you need & then add about 6 ft of tippet. Apparently he gets them from...
  9. General Board
    Realise there are a fair few posts on people's preferred configuration of polyleaders and tippets, so apologies for raising this topic again, but I am still unsure whether I should use a polyleader together with a tapered leader or should I just attach a straight piece of tippet material to the...
  10. Rookies Corner
    Question asked by me! Explained by Dexter - Polyleader's are plastic coated nylon tapered and impregnated with a lead or tungsten to make them sink at various rates,tapered leaders are just nylon or similar tapered(not coated).
  11. Classified Sales
    Hardy tapered running line......used for half an hour - £25 posted Reduced........£20 posted!!!!
  12. General Board
    Thinking on making up a few tapered leaders , I usually just fish a polyleader and a cast of maybe 8-9 ft with a dropper fly out of 10lb maxima, can anyone give me some advice on what strain of leader materials I will need , knots to use when joining pieces together , length of each piece, and...
  13. Other Tackle
    Guys, Does anyone make poly-leaders with loops each end? I know Michael Evans does or did but his are/were not tapered. I have one, which looks like a typical Rio 2.6" sinking 10' poly but it has loops each end and is nicely tapered. I have no idea where I got it? (Yes, I know about tippet rings...
1-13 of 13 Results