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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    The scale of the challenges faced by wild salmon should not be underestimated ... Keeping Salmon at the Top of the Menu: How to Maintain the High Demand What was it Bob said? Money doesn't talk, it screams.
  2. General Board
    anyone else have a problem posting in the classifieds while using tapatalk? the rest works fine but in the marketplace can't post anything be it selling or wanted is it because I havnt had enough posts while using the app? as on the main site I can do it no problem I rarely use the taps talk...
  3. General Board
    Talk about feast or famine!:lol::D:lol::D:D
  4. Classified Sales
    If your thread happens to disappear its probably because you have "bumped" it. When you place your sales you take your chances on it selling,bumping it or getting into discussions on how fantastic it is will turn it into a topic of tackle talk. Reduced prices are fair enough but if people are...
  5. Rods
    Hello, I'm just starting out fishing for salmon & Sea trout, in fact haven't even tried it yet. I'm after a switch rod, My problem is which one. I don't want to go down the stupid money road as I can't afford it. I have heard people talk about the Shakespeare oracle which is cheap but by all...
1-5 of 5 Results